The international blockchain, the consortium did not want to take Russian banks

The international blockchain, the consortium did not want to take Russian banks

Moscow. April 6. The international blockchain-R3 consortium, which has joined more than 80 foreign banks and government agencies, was not accepted by Russian banks of any application for participation, including making it clear to Sberbank that his application will be rejected due to the imposed sanctions against it, said Thursday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

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As explained to the edition a source in the market, a consortium that includes Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Barclays and others, informally warned, the savings Bank that its application will not work because of restrictive measures, under which the Bank was in the USA in 2014. As reported by “Kommersant”, first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis, the official application for membership in R3 was supplied, although in December 2015, he said the Bank is studying the documentation of the consortium, and then to make a decision about becoming members.

In September 2016, Sberbank announced that it has joined the international blockchain consortium Hyperledger, which was founded by the Linux Foundation in December 2015 and is open non-profit consortium.

To the question “Kommersant” about whether or not the savings Bank took in R3 because of the sanctions, Khasis said that “it is not only sanctions now in overall perception of Russia in the world is difficult.” “What is the meaning to want (to join R3 – “b”), if you don’t want to. When we begin to want, we’ll consider whether we want”, he said. To the question “Kommersant” has received, Sberbank Hyperledger what you wanted from R3, he said that it is impossible to compare what “we want now what we wanted a year ago.”

Other banks and Qiwi

According to the newspaper, interest in joining R3 in addition to Sberbank showed the Bank “AK bars”, Alfa-Bank, OTKRITIE Bank, national settlement Depository, but according to its source in the consortium “did not welcome the appearance of Russian banks.”

To get to R3 could only one Russian participant – the Qiwi group, and not as a Bank and as a payment system. Qiwi’s CEO Sergey Solonin told the newspaper that the company first wanted to join the consortium as a Bank, but then changed her mind.

According to the Corned beef, now pending in R3 has applications from five Russian banks, Qiwi “consistently tries to carry out the decision on accession to the consortium of banks from Russia”.

What is the blockchain and why you need it

The blockchain is a technology of distributed databases (registries), based on constantly renewing the chain of records and is resistant to tampering, revision, hacking and stealing information. The blockchain initially developed for the cryptocurrency markets, and then study its applicability to other markets and areas purchased the scale of the global trend. Today, almost all infrastructure institutions (exchanges, clearing organizations, Central counterparties, depositories) are exploring this technology, bringing together in international consortia to develop common approaches and standards.