Basque separatists ETA have officially begun the process of disarmament

The separatists Basque group ETA, as promised earlier, officially launched the disarmament process. In Bayonne in the South of France, they gave authorities a list of secret warehouses with the weapon groupings, informs Bi-bi-si.

We are talking about is located in France caches, which is more than 120 firearms, about three tons of explosives and tens of thousands of rounds.

The police started to check the findings.

Writes Euronews, the weapons caches are located in the Atlantic Pyrenees in the South-West of France. Representatives of the groups gave authorities information about the eight caches, although previously we mentioned earlier the 12 caches. The Chairman of the International Commission supervising the disarmament process and serving as facilitator, called the event “historic step”.

“We are confident that with the support of all stakeholders to this historical step will contribute to the strengthening of peace and coexistence in the Basque society”.

The Basque separatist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna — “Motherland and liberty”) was established in July 1959, including as a resistance movement to the dictatorship of General Franco. The main aim of the organization proclaimed the establishment of an independent Basque state comprising the lands of Northern Spain and southwest France.

However, from the beginning of 1960-ies of the militant organization on the path of “revolutionary” terror for 50 years the rug has killed more than 850 people.