Egyptian authorities declared a state of emergency in the country after the terrorist attacks

In Egypt for three months entered a state of emergency after the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sunday, April 9, at two churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria. This was stated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in a special address to the nation, reports Reuters.

“Will take a number of steps, the most important of these is the introduction of a state of emergency for three months after the adoption of relevant legal and constitutional procedures,” — said the head of state at a meeting convened special meeting of the Council on national defense.

I appeal to you not as Christians or Muslims but as Egyptians, the terrorists are trying to undermine our unity and we must be vigilant to keep our country”. Simultaneously, it creates a Higher Council for the fight against terrorism and extremism.

According to him, the fight against terror will take time and will likely entail new victims. He also urged the international community to identify supporting terrorists countries and force their governments to stand trial.

Sunday, April 9, when Christians celebrate the feast of Gospodina Entrance into Jerusalem (palm Sunday), in Egypt, there were two terrorist attacks in places of a congestion of the Copts. The first explosion occurred in the city of Tanta to the North of the country. A suicide bomber exploded in the Church during the festive service. Some time later, another extremist have carried out the explosion at the entrance to the Christian Church of St. Mark in Alexandria, which at that time was the Patriarch of the Coptic has Tawadros II.

According to local Ministry of health, as a result of two attacks killed 46 people, more than 100 injured. Responsibility for the incident was assumed banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.

My condolences to the Egyptian people and leader Fattah El-Sisi expressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to the President, “a crime committed in the midst of a religious festival, is striking in its cruelty and cynicism”.