In Spain, at the request of the United States arrested Russian programmer

In Spain, at the request of the United States arrested a Russian programmer, 36 — year-old Peter Levashov from St. Petersburg. About this RT said his wife, Maria.

According to her, the police raided the apartment where the family came to rest, and detained the man, saying he is suspected of involvement in hacking attacks, including election-related in the United States.

As Maria says, the court in Barcelona already held a Skype meeting with the Madrid court, which rendered a decision on the conclusion of Peter into custody. Currently he is in the prison of Barcelona, said the wife of the suspect.

She also reported that human rights activists appealed to the Vice-President of the Russian division of the International Committee of protection of human rights Alexander Ionova, which deals with the protection of another Russian — Stanislav Lisova, also detained in Spain at the request of the United States.

Lisov was arrested in Barcelona in early January 2017. He is suspected of committing attacks. As said Ions, in the United States Lisov faces 35 years in prison.