The program of demolition of five-story building proposed to be extended to the whole country

The program of demolition of five-story building proposed to be extended to the whole country

Regional demolition

In the Federation Council propose to extend the programme to demolish five-storey buildings all over the country, said the source in the upper house of Parliament. According to him, this is particularly interested in representatives of the Northern regions such as Komi Republic, Karelia Republic and Arkhangelsk region.

Plans to discuss the distribution of capital programs for the renovation of regions confirms a member of the Committee on the Federal structure of the Federation Council Sergey Katanandov. “We believe that this topic is relevant not only for Moscow but for the whole country, and in some regions there is a five-story building, which was built earlier than in the capital. In any case, if Moscow will adopt a special law, it is necessary to prescribe the position and for the regions”, — he said .

March 10 this year in the state Duma was the draft amendments to the Federal law “On the status of the capital of the Russian Federation”. He gives the Moscow authorities the right to approve the “program of renovation of the housing Fund,” to determine the series and specific houses to be demolished. The discussion document is also in the Federation Council.

The draft opinion on the draft law on the five-story building, the Committee on the Federal structure of the Federation Council will consider on Tuesday, April 11. Now the senators are awaiting feedback from the subjects. Discussion on the inclusion of regions in a program of renovation is on the agenda, was confirmed by the assistant of the member of the Committee Arkady Chernetsky. “In Moscow we will be able to test all the mechanisms related to the adjustment of the existing legislation, placement of buildings, the resettlement of people and the specific issues on the ground”, — said the Chairman of the Committee Dmitry Azarov. “Having honed mechanisms” in Moscow and amending legislation, it will be possible “to tackle the problems in the country,” said the Senator. After Moscow, a similar project can be started in St. Petersburg, “where there is such a request”, and subsequently in other large Russian cities, suggested Azarov.

The bill regulating the demolition of five-story building in Moscow, the Committee on the Federal structure of the Federation Council is ready to support taking into account the comments of the senators, stated in the draft opinion, which read .

So, senators propose to define the concept of “renovation of the housing” and describe the territory within which must be provided to property owners of non-residential premises in the demolished five-storey buildings. The bill proposes to allocate them space in the city, however, the value of non-residential premises is determined by its location. Imprecise criteria that can cause a “high social tension,” the document States. Previously, the Committee for housing policy of the state Duma found in the bill of violation of the Constitution. The first reading of this document will be held in late April.

“The main claim of this law is that all changes are placed in a special law. This virtually eliminates the possibility of replicating this process in other regions”, — said Chernetsky. According to him, most regions cannot afford the demolition of all dilapidated five-story building without financial assistance from the centre, but this does not mean that this opportunity should not be prescribed in the bill. “Perhaps, somewhere, can at least point to apply this program, so you cannot deprive the regions of such opportunities,” he said.

Regional supply

The proposal to extend the programme to the whole country had previously expressed deputies of the state Duma. This was stated by the leaders of the factions of the Communist party and “Fair Russia” Gennady Zyuganov and Sergei Mironov, noting that it is necessary “to convince the government to finalize the draft” for the entire country. In mid-may, the lower house of Parliament plans to hold hearings with the participation of representatives of regions. In subjects already brewing discontent that now the programme is only for Moscow, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Galina Khovanskaya, not specifying which regions in question.

In Russia besides Moscow 14 cities, which are located in 31707 five-storey buildings. These data provided a city information service 2GIS. Most of the buildings in Saint-Petersburg — 6876 homes, and the highest proportion in Perm was 54.1% of all residential houses in the city. On the second place by the share of five-storey buildings — Omsk (41,9%) and the Krasnoyarsk (36.9 per cent). A significant part of the five-floor Fund is accounted for by Khrushchev, said 2GIS.

In the regions of the demolished emergency housing under the Federal program of renovation of dilapidated housing, and its implementation will be completed in September 2017. In 14 subjects completed the resettlement of emergency housing established before January 1, 2012, in 51 regions, the program completed more than 70%, another 18 behind even more of the planned pace, told in the press service of the Ministry of construction. Just settled 8.13 million sq. m. (72.9% of the total settlement) and 520,45 thousand people (73.1 per cent).

At the beginning of may will be a joint meeting of the state Council and the presidential Commission for the implementation of presidential decree on affordable housing. “We plan to prepare certain decisions on the extension of the program for renovating dilapidated housing in the regions. Before we talk about the dissemination of the program of renovation of buildings all over the country, you need to see how it will work in Moscow”, — said the Minister of construction and housing of Russia Mikhail Men.

Trillions all over the country

The exact cost of resettlement of five-storey buildings in large cities is difficult to determine, but in any case we can talk about a few trillion rubles, said the interviewed experts. The program of renovation can earn only one million, says CEO of consulting company Key Capital Sergey kamluk: in small regional cities demand for new housing that is being built for sale along with the resettlement of five-story building. The cost of the work in the regions can be slightly cheaper, than in Moscow, but not much: the technique is the same, the salary is slightly less. Therefore, if Moscow is the demolition of the 8 th house can cost 2.5-3 trillion rubles, in the regions 32 million — about 9 trillion rubles.

The cost of renovation of the five-story building in the regions comparable to spending on the one Moscow and may be about 4 trillion rubles at the expense of cheaper labor and rent of equipment, according to the expert of the Duma Committee on economic policy, Roman Terekhin. In the regions in the demolition of five-story building will be to invest more government, not investors, because private investment is less attractive land than Moscow, says Terekhin.

The resettlement of five-story building in the regions can be two to three times cheaper, than in Moscow, and the demolition of the house is a small part of the cost, says the former head of NIIP General plan of Moscow Sergey Tkachenko. According to his calculations, the demolition and resettlement of five-story building in the regions can cost up to 6 trillion rubles. But in the regions there is no money, I’m sure Tkachenko.

600 thousand requests

For the last month users asked Yandex more than 600 thousand requests about the five-story building, which is 12 times more than in an average month last year and in January 2017, said the company. Popular language — “the demolition of five-storey buildings in Moscow”, “a series of buildings,” “rock-steady five-story building,” “demolition of buildings” list, only this thread were asked more than 400 million requests. “Khrushchev” in February looking for about 430 thousand (the growth amounted to about 130 thousand) only 33 thousand queries were directly devoted to the demolition.

Price-per-click contextual advertising “Yandex.Direct” on-demand “building” has not changed, according to the company. “This means that advertisers have not rushed to “work out” situational demand and did not add the “the five” in their ads and promotional campaign”, — said the representative of “Yandex”.

Federal subsidies

“We would be very happy if at the Federal level will be adopted similar to [Moscow’s] program to all regions. At the local level, taking into account existing financial possibilities of the city and the region to launch it is impossible”, — said the Chairman of Omsk city Council Galina Gorst. According to her, five years ago, the city launched a regional programme on renovation of dilapidated housing, reconstructed several dozen five-story building, but then stopped working. In Novosibirsk the issue of resettlement of five-story building will become relevant after the demolition of emergency and dilapidated barracks and houses, said the press Secretary of the mayor Artem Rogowski, but cannot be solved without Federal assistance.

In Voronezh in 2017 it is planned to resettle 74 houses under the current regional programme, which is “the meaning similar to the Moscow program of renovation,” said the press service of the administration. In the Samara region and Nizhniy Novgorod in the nearest future the demolition of Khrushchev planned. In the Nizhny Novgorod administration responded that the blocks “Khrushchev” are found in places that are not attractive to developers. The city’s many “vacant lots and houses that you can settle for much cheaper.”

In St. Petersburg the program of renovation of areas of built-up five-story building the first series of mass housing, launched in 2009. Until 2019, plans to build 8 million square meters of new housing, of which 2.3 million sq m to give the residents of the five-story building. However, according to the November 2016 was built nine houses for 1260 apartments-less than 1% of the planned housing. The program stalled including problems with the resettlement of residents.

With the participation of Elena Smirnova, Yegor Gubernatorova, Sergey Vitko