Rosatom won Japanese tender for development of neutron detector

Rosatom won Japanese tender for development of neutron detector

Moscow. April 9. Rosatom won the tender of Tokyo on the development of a neutron detector, said the Russian head of state Corporation Alexey Likhachev in a Sunday interview to TV channel “Russia 24” (VGTRK) at the end of his working visit to Japan from 4 to 7 April.

According to him, the “specific project” is the work at the site of Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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“On the one hand the notable success which our Japanese partners have made in combating the consequences of the accident, but the work is now at the stage where, the more you do, the more remains. In this sense, we have offered our expertise. They are not just technologically very effective, they are also economically attractive because the scale of this work requires tens of billions of dollars”, – said Likhachev.

“The first project in this direction moved, we received the order, won the tender for the development of a neutron detector. This device will allow to study the radiological environment in the immediate area of the reactor. I think that wins the tender will be a small break after which she will begin the conclusion of more contracts,” he said.

He also added that the Fukushima issue is not the only topic of interaction. Rosatom has a good experience with the molten fuel, which today is the subject of study and great concern of Japanese partners, “so I think that will be not just interesting, but vital in the direction to move it with Rosatom”, – he said.