The court declared bankrupt the former top-50 Bank

The arbitration court of Tatarstan on the application of the Central Bank declared bankrupt Tatfondbank, reports TASS. Statement of the Central Bank for bankruptcy of Tatfondbank entered into Arbitration on March 16.

The court also ruled to open against Tatfondbank bankruptcy proceedings for a period of one year. In addition, the Central Bank raised its assessment of holes in the capital of Tatfondbank with 96,7 billion to 118,3 billion rubles.

Earlier Tatfondbank entered the top-50 largest in Russia by total assets of credit institutions.

The Bank of Russia revoked the license of Tatfondbank on banking operations due to violations of banking legislation and internal recommendations of the regulator on 3 March. In addition, the same day the license was lost also part of the group and registered Bank Tatfondbank in Kazan ANKOR Bank Andrey korkunova.

The banks did not execute Federal laws regulating Bank activity, and statutory acts of the regulator, pointed out in his message of the Central Bank. In addition, they violate adequacy ratio of own capital: it was at a level below 2% the Central Bank minimum is 8%, and their share capital was below the minimum value, said controller.

According to statements by total assets of Tatfondbank at 1 February 2017 was ranked the 42nd place in the Russian banking system, Bank — 138-e a place, Anchor Bank — 231.

In addition, as reported by “Kommersant”, June-October 2016 Tatfondbank moved about 2 thousand depositors in the status of clients to his “daughter”, “TFB-Finance”, through fraudulent means to redeem their bonds. Substitution discovered after December 2016, the Bank introduced a temporary administration.

March 30, in the resigned head of the National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan Midhat Shagiakhmetov. According to sources , he was dismissed by the leadership of the Central Bank because of the crisis in the banking sector of Tatarstan. A few days later, on 3 April, has left his post as Prime Minister of the Republic Ildar Khalikov.

The day before, April 10, at the suit of the Bank of Russia, the court also declared bankrupt ANKOR Bank, the period of the bankruptcy proceedings the representative of the court could not say.