The Kremlin will prepare the resignation of Samara Governor Merkushkin

“Packing things”

That the Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin may submit a letter of resignation, said a source close to the presidential administration and a source close to the administration of the Samara region. “Merkushin said packing — said close to the regional administration source.

The possible resignation of Governor again began to discuss with last weekend, said the Deputy of the Samara regional Duma from the Communist party Mikhail Matveev.

According to a source close to the administration, care merkoushkin may be announced early next week. A source close to the Kremlin, calls for another term leaving the Governor during the month.

Earlier, a source in the environment Merkushkin told about getting a Governor signal from the Kremlin — if it will take another couple of protest rallies, it will be dismissed.

The regional administration promises to respond to the request about the possible resignation of the head region.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on a question regarding the resignation Merkushkin said that the Kremlin “not traditionally announce a” personnel decision.


There is a discussion of candidates that can replace Merkushkin as head of the region, said the source close to the Kremlin. Possible successors merkoushkin yet considered, but this “new candidates, not those who discussed before,” said a source close to the administration of the Samara region.

In October 2016, the Samara political scientist Oleg Molchanov has told “Kommersant” that the successor of Samara Governor could become a state Duma Deputy from the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Gutenev, a former adviser to General Director of “Rostec”. Also on a post of the head of region can claim the Senator from the Samara region Dmitry Azarov, said Molchanov .

In the Kremlin there is a personnel reserve of 20-30 candidates who passed all the interviews and selected as potential governors, explained another source close to the Kremlin. These people don’t know what region they can supply, he adds.

Conflict with Chemezov

17 years head of the Republic of Mordovia Nikolai Merkushkin was appointed Governor of the Samara region in 2012. In 2014, ahead of schedule resigned to be elected for a second term.

Two other sources close to the Kremlin, attributed the possible care merkoushkin with the conflict with the CEO of the Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov. The Corporation has a stake in Alliance Rostec Auto B. V. — the company, which owns a controlling stake in “AVTOVAZ.

“It [merkoushkin] led Chemezov, — said one of the interlocutors . But after some time the conflicts began, as Chemezov wanted to dance to his tune, and Merkushin — man of the old school who didn’t”.

Before the elections to the Samara regional Duma, which took place simultaneously with the elections to the state Duma in September 2016, Merkushin “thrown from the electoral list of “United Russia” centowski people and stuffed their” continued the source.

Chemezov is a real political player, he is in constant contact with the ambassadors and the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, in charge of domestic policy, said another source close to the Kremlin.

The issue of the elections

For too independent from the Kremlin disliked the policy of the Governor of the Samara region and former curator of the political bloc Vyacheslav Volodin, said another source close to the Kremlin.

However, Merkushin, becoming the head of the region, consistently provided acceptable results, the Kremlin “United Russia” in the elections, although the Samara region is one of the most “politically mixed in it” regions of the country, the source said.

In 2011 the “United Russia” on elections in regional Duma received as 33.54% of the vote in 2011 – 40,27% in 2016, when Merkushkin, – A 51.02% in the Duma elections in 2011 the ruling party received 39.1 per cent, while Merkushkin in 2016 – by 50.7%.

Merkushin — a figure comparable with such political heavyweights as the governors of the Belgorod and Kemerovo region Yevgeny Savchenko and Aman Tuleyev, former President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, the source said .

A source close to regional administration, have linked the possible care merkoushkin with the fact that it “undermined the trust of the population”. “He’s an experienced Manager, but not the fact that can provide turnout in the presidential election”. “Most importantly, the issue of elections,” he says.

The problems of the region

Among the reasons of possible resignation of the Governor of the Samara Deputy Matveev noted that the following issues in the area: disruption of the schedule for the construction of “Samara-Arena” for the world Cup in 2018; social protests in the region due to the cancellation of benefits and payments to war veterans and labor, and a reduction in transport benefits; criminal cases in the region on the fact of falsifications in the Duma elections. The Kremlin is not sure that the Governor will be able at a decent level to ensure the campaign for the presidential elections in the region, said the Communist.

In the 17th ranking political survival of governors of the Fund “Petersburg policy” of the Governor was assessed at a 2+ (earlier score was a 4). A positive feature of the Governor the Fund’s experts believe merkoushkin management experience combined with Federal connections — this creates a margin of safety for the Governor, given the complexity of the search and coordination of the candidate for replacement.

The downside of the Governor experts call “overtrading”, which causes irritation of the elites at different levels and surplus nationwide recognition. Also, “there are issues around the legitimacy of voting in the elections to the state Duma”.

The head of the “Petersburg politics” Mikhail Vinogradov said that the authorities harder not to dismiss the Governor, and find a successor who will maintain strengthened when Merkushkin electoral control. “Although it is doubtful that taking into account the gradual transformation of Merkushkin in allergen, he and this handling can keep. In General, [Merkushkin] a comfortable person to demonstrate replacement of new approaches — but it is important not to be mistaken with replacement”.