The Pentagon released a video of US strike the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan

U.S. Department of defense has published in his Twitter video hit the largest non-nuclear bomb GBU-43/B in Afghanistan. The video shows how a bomb falls; then comes the explosion and climb the big smoke.

The bomb was dropped on the eve, April 13. The Pentagon explained that the aim of the strike was a system of tunnels used by militants of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia). As noted by Reuters, the combat use of the bombs of this type was the first in history.

Showed bombino mother: why trump has used a powerful weapon in Afghanistan

The defense Ministry of Afghanistan on Friday, April 14, reported that as a result of strike killed about 36 militants of the “Islamic state”. According to him, the Americans attacked the village in the valley of Mohmand, where militants ispolzovali a network of caves for shelter, and destroyed a large weapons cache. None of civilians didn’t suffer.

The US President Donald trump called the incident “very, very successful mission.” He noted that the order to strike, he gave himself. “We have the greatest military in the world, and they are doing their job as usual”, — said the head of the American state.

GBA-43/ B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB, also known as Mother of All Bombs, that is “mother of all bombs”) is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb, standing on the arms of the United States. First tested in March 2003 — March 14, the U.S. released a video of her testing. The bomb has a length of 9.17 m, a diameter of 102.9 cm, the weight of the bomb is 9.5 million tonnes, of which 8,4 falls on an explosive mixture of RDX, TNT and aluminum powder (more powerful than TNT almost 1.5 times).