The state Duma adopted the law on the registration of the hospital electronically

The state Duma adopted in final reading a bill that allows to make the hospital in electronic form, the correspondent . The law equalizes the sick list, was discharged on a prescribed form, “electronic document generated in the automated information system”.

New electronic hospital must be signed by “qualified advanced electronic signature” of the medical worker and the medical organization. The law should endorse in the Federation Council will then pass to the President. It is planned that the document will come into force on 1 July 2017.

Now for appointment and payment of temporary disablement allowances and on pregnancy and childbirth, the law requires you to present a certificate of incapacity, decorated medical organization in paper form.

In November 2016, the bill was previously approved by the Federal government. The Minister of labour Maxim Topilin said then that this means the gradual elimination of the hospital in paper form, and said that a phased implementation of electronic hospital will begin throughout Russia from 2017.

For the development of the technology of issuing electronic sick leave the labour Ministry has launched a pilot project “disability Electronic certificate”, reported on the Agency’s website. Even prior to the enactment of the social insurance Fund took about 800 thousand of these sheets.

The Ministry expects that the introduction of electronic hospital will make the exchange of information on insurance cases transparent and easier to process paperwork for patients. In addition, the electronic document needs to lower labor costs for the issue of such bulletins in hospitals and insurance organizations.

The introduction of electronic hospital will greatly facilitate the work of the doctor, but the law does not contain norms on the protection of personal data of the patient, noted in conversation with the doctor-Olga Demicheva. “Such recommendations are described in the draft law on telemedicine and now it turns out that the law on electronic hospital not exactly legal,” she said.