Foreign Minister of Britain offered Russia to join the Western coalition in Syria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Jones has invited Russia to join the international coalition under US leadership, leading the fight against “Islamic state” (IG, is recognized in Russia as a terrorist) in Syria. According to him, Russia “there is still time to be on the right side”. Such a statement Johnson made in his article for newspaper the Sunday Telegraph.

Johnson stressed that there is no doubt that behind the alleged chemical attack in Idlib on April 4 is the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In his article, he calls Assad an “arch-terrorist”. “He [Assad] is literally and metaphorically toxic. And Russia should Wake up to that fact. She still has time to get on the right side,” writes Johnson.

According to him, Russia could “join the coalition of more than 60 countries in the fight against ISIS, to preserve its strategic interests in Syria with the prospect of a more productive relationship with President trump and understanding that the West will eventually help to rebuild the country”.

“Instead, they [Russia] must commit themselves to provide a real ceasefire, to end the use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs, as well as to achieve a political settlement, which exempts Syrians from the tyranny of Assad,” – says Johnson. In his opinion, Russia “can help to remove him [Assad] through carefully controlled the transition process, which will keep key public institutions and will help the country to join a stable and pluralistic future.”

In his article, Johnson also warns Assad that the U.S. is ready to new attacks. “America struck a blow and can, of course, to do it again,” he writes. According to Johnson, it is vital that Russian people could understand the “horrific nature of the regime that they support.”

Johnson believes that the current Syrian crisis “is, in fact, an opportunity for Russia, which reached the highest point of its influence in Syria.” And now, according to Johnson, for Russia “of course, that moment when you need to go for a reasonable compromise”.