Matviyenko has condemned the attack on Syria away from its support of the Saudis

During a visit to Saudi Arabia by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko strongly condemned a missile attack American Navy base on the Syrian Sirat, on 7 April, reports “Interfax”.

“We don’t want to invent reasons to invade other countries. We believe that the cruise missiles bombing Syria is a flagrant violation of international law, an act of aggression against a sovereign state”, — said Matvienko.

According to her, Moscow is strongly opposed to the repetition in Syria of the Iraqi scenario.

“We have the experience, when under false pretenses alleged chemical weapons was committed the invasion of the Western coalition in Iraq. We know how it ended,” said the speaker and said that “Russia does not want a repetition of this unproven scenario”.

Matvienko also said that multifaceted cooperation between Moscow and Riyadh is a major factor of stability in the middle East. During the visit, Matviyenko met with the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud.

A few hours after the orders of the President of the United States Donald trump, the US Navy struck 59 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” at the air base Syrian government forces in the Sirat, at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia said that they fully support the strike on the Syrian military after reports of chemical attack on the Syrian suburbs of Idlib.

Missile attack on the United States air force base Chirata was supported by the West, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. His conviction was made by Iran and Russia. China expressed the desire to resolve the conflict by diplomatic means.

The leaders of the United States, Turkey, Germany, France urged Russia to abandon support for Bashar al-Assad and to condemn the use of chemical weapons, which they blame the official Damascus. One of the last called Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, who cancelled a visit to Moscow after reports of attack on Syria. He invited Russia to join the international coalition under US leadership, leading the fight against “Islamic state” (IG, is recognized as banned in Russia) in Syria. According to him, Russia “there is still time to be on the right side”.