FNS instructed its inspectors to ease the pressure on business

Tax inspectors are instructed to relieve the pressure on the business and focus on the reality check and legal the legality of operations of the company. This follows from the treatment guidelines of the Federal tax service (FNS) to its employees, a copy of which appeared in “Vedomosti”.

The publication notes that in recent time, businessmen are increasingly complaining about the fact that the tax they pay additional taxes because of formal irregularities, e.g. due to wrong signatures in accounting documents, while the higher authorities and the courts have supported the elected inspectors of sanctions

According to managing partner “Shchekin and partners” Denis shekina “probuzeni positions of ships” business practically ceased to go to court to resolve disputes with tax authorities. The Federal official in conversation with the publication noted that in 2016, the Russian courts had three times fewer cases involving tax compared to year 2015.

FNS in the letter to the employees, gives instructions definition of unreasonable tax benefit, for example, the unlawful deduction of VAT. The letter also stated that the interrogation or examination of handwriting on the documents cannot be a basis for tax assessments. The main point of the test is the actual performance by the counterparty of its work. In this case, if the company suspected that she knew about the violation, must prove its interdependence with the company.

The Agency leads the new criteria that companies and tax inspectors should verify contractors. Among them, including the license to perform the work.

In mid-February, four business associations — chamber of Commerce, the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, and corporations “OPORA Rossii” and “Delovaya Rossiya” — appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with proposals to improve the economic growth of the country. The business has identified 25 priority areas and special attention was paid to reducing the tax burden and improving tax procedures.

Some large corporations in the early years, made statements that Russia is increasing the pressure on businesses, which worsens the General background of the investment climate. Including the world’s largest aluminum producer United company Rusal, which appealed to investors with a warning about the risks of deterioration of the investment climate in the country.