Media reported about the interception of Russian Tu-95 fighter jets F-22 U.S. air force

The U.S. air force sent to intercept Russian strategic bombers Tu-95, the F-22. The incident occurred off the coast of Alaska on the night of 18 April, informs television channel Fox News, citing government sources.

The TV channel said that during the incident, Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, approached the US border at the closest distance since the election of Donald trump President of the United States. Two Tu-95 flew at a distance of about 100 miles (160 km) from the American island of Kodiak and 280 miles (450 km) South-West of the U.S. air force base Elmendorf.

To intercept the Russian bombers were sent two F-22 fighter aircraft and the airborne early warning Boeing E-3. The airplanes flew parallel courses of about 12 minutes. Thereafter, both the Tu-95 turned around and went back to Russia.

In addition, the channel reported that similar cases were observed during the visit, Secretary Rex Tillerson in Moscow off the coast of Japan. According to Fox News, the Japanese air force had at different times a total of to send 14 fighters.

Information about the interception of Russian aircraft off the coast of Alaska affirmed the edition of The Washington Examiner, citing data from the Pentagon. According to the newspaper, the Pentagon said that the interception was made “in a safe and professional manner” without violating international norms.

The latest incident of approaching Russian strategic bombers to the borders of the United States took place on 4 July 2015, during the celebration of the independence Day of USA. Then the Russian aircraft flew to the coast of California, not coming to U.S. airspace. The interception was raised twice fighter of the U.S. air force. According to sources in the Pentagon, during the convergence of military aircraft of the two countries, the pilot of the Russian Tu-95 congratulated the American colleagues on the holiday.

Earlier, on 9 February it became known that the Russian Tu-160 bombers approaching airspace of the UK. The British force sent to support four fighter Typhoon with air bases at Lossiemouth in Scotland and Coningsby in England. This information was confirmed in the defense Ministry. The official representative of Department explained that the bombers carried out scheduled tasks air patrols in the area of Barents and Norwegian seas and Atlantic ocean.