China launched its first cargo spacecraft “, Tenjo-1”

China launched the first national cargo spacecraft”, Tenjo-1″, reports China Central television (CCTV).

The carrier rocket “Changzheng-7” with space truck started at 19:41 Beijing time (14:41 Moscow time) from the Baikonur Wenchang, which is located on Hainan island.

“Tanjou-1” cargo spacecraft, independently created by China. Its main task is to deliver cargo to the module a space laboratory “Tiangong-2”. As reported previously in the office of the program of manned cosmonautics of China, “Tanjou-1” will deliver into orbit more than 6 tons of cargo, including large quantities of equipment and materials for space experiments. About three months he will hold on its own orbit, and about two months after docking with the lab.

China has announced the launch of “Tanjou-1” in March 2015. It was expected that the truck will be launched in 2016.

The space program of the PRC was started in 1956. In 1970 China launched its first artificial Earth satellite, and in 1976 mastered the technology to bring back the satellites. The first manned space station China has become the “Tiangong-1” launched in 2011. Space laboratory “Tiangong-2” went into orbit in September 2016. According to the Chinese program to build the space station, the next module “Tiangong-3” — must be launched into orbit by 2022.