The founder of Alibaba Group predicts appearance of robots-SEO

The founder of Alibaba Group Jack MA (No. 23 in the global list of Forbes) said that humanity could face “decades of pain” due to the influence of Internet and high technologies on the economy. He stated, speaking at a meeting of the Chinese entrepreneurs club, according to CNBC.

“In the next 30 years the world will see much more pain than happiness,” said the billionaire. In his opinion, robots will take people’s jobs and even be able to take on Supervisory responsibilities. “After 30 years as the best CEO of the year by Time magazine can put on its cover of the robot. He remembers better than you and thinks faster than you and will not quarrel with competitors,” said the founder of Alibaba.

In order to soften the blow from the automation process, it is necessary to reform the education system, focusing on how to interact with robots, says MA.

Machines do not need to replace people: they should only do what you cannot do people, said MA. “The only way to ensure that cars were still partners, not substitutes for person,” he explained (quoted by Bloomberg).

The billionaire also said that he had talked about the impact of electronic Commerce on the traditional business, but then no one listened. “15 years ago I was 200 or 300 times said that the Internet will affect all industry, but nobody listened to me because I was a nobody,” said MA.