Five ways to fly business class and not pay for it full price

Five ways to fly business class and not pay for it full price

Experts of the tourist services “” has identified the most affordable and also the most popular foreign directions in the segment of the air travel business class. To do this, they analyzed the average prices for international flights (one passenger flying round-trip) in 2016 compared to its previous year.

It turned out that the lists of the most popular countries in the economic and business segments are very different. The most popular areas of travel in business class in 2016 were Israel, Montenegro, Germany, Cyprus and Spain. The economy class passengers often flew to Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany and Armenia. “Tickets business class mostly issued in European countries, the economy in the CIS countries”, — says head of Department on public relations “” Natalia Anisimova. The presence of Germany in the top 5 both ratings Anisimov explains that Germany is equally attractive both for businessmen and for tourists.

The most affordable areas to travel in business class were Moldova, Belarus, Austria, Ukraine and Armenia (see table). In Chisinau from Moscow and back you can fly over 36.2 thousand rubles., in Minsk — for 40.7 thousand RUB, in Salzburg — 41,3 thousand RUB, to the city — 49,6 thousand RUB, Yerevan — over 53 thousand. best budget destinations in business class do not coincide with the most popular. Anisimov explains that the low cost tickets is not a key factor for the Russians, choosing the route to travel. “Demand, infrastructure of the country to tourism and business outweigh the factor of “cheaper to get,” she says.

What happens to prices and demand

Compared to 2015 average price of flights in business class to Europe increased by 21% in countries from other continents — 20%, while tickets to the States of the neighboring countries, on the contrary, fell by 5%. Most grew in price tickets to Montenegro, Greece, Italy and Spain — an average of 21-27%. However, the most significant decrease in value was recorded for Azerbaijan (minus 15%) and Uzbekistan (minus 20%). Natalia Anisimova suggests that the way the airlines are pushing the demand on the relevant routes. “Maybe directions to the CIS countries is falling solvent demand, and companies are trying to keep in the segment of “business” passengers. In foreign areas the situation is better, because the demand is formed not only by Russian-speaking passengers,” says she.

According to the tourism service Aviasales, in 2016 on business class accounted for 0.47% of all purchases through partners. In two years the number of bookings in this segment decreased by half. However, the General Director of a similar service Alexander Sizintsev notes that on their website, sales of tickets in business class in 2016, almost unchanged and amounted to 0,62% (vs 0.65% in 2015).

PR-the Director of tourist service Aviasales Janis ticket notes that due to the reduction in the number of bookings in business class, some airlines have begun to order planes even without premium salons. “Say, S7 is the machine to build the “just economy,” he says. — To replace the business class comes in “premium economy”, which involves an increased level of service at less cost”. The same trend watches development Director at OneTwoTrip Arkady Gines. “The market began to emerge discount-business-class — without the possibility of exchange or refund, with less baggage, but with all the other benefits,” he says.

So, in S7 you can buy tickets categories “business Essentials” and “business flexible”. The tickets of the first type of April Moscow — Chisinau — Moscow will cost 18.4 thousand rubles., the second at 30.7 thousand RUB From restrictions provided for in a cheaper version, one bag of Luggage instead of two, the impossibility of returning and making changes. Also, there is the use of the business lounge.

How to save on flights

If you travel economy class do not want a seat in business class seem too expensive, there are a few ways to acquire them with discount. First, and most obvious recommendation, which will help save on fly business class is to buy tickets in advance. Especially on long routes and during peak season. “Travelling to America, Australia, South Africa is behind six months or more, says Arkady Gines. — Tickets to Europe can start looking three months before your trip.”

Secondly, it is also worth checking the next days. If the trip is not tied to a specific day, then when you select the flights it is necessary to consider the date plus or minus three days from pre-selected. According to Gines, the benefit can reach more than 20%. “Sometimes it is cheaper to spend one extra night in a hotel than to buy tickets on certain days,” — he concluded.

Thirdly, the ticket believes that it makes sense to monitor sales. For example, airlines Qatar and Etihad often offer promotions like “two tickets to business class for the price of one”.

Fourth, you can join the frequent flyer programme, that is to have a bonus card and indicate its number when purchasing tickets and check in for the flight. “In this case, if you purchase an economy class ticket, you have the opportunity to upgrade it to business class for airline miles, says Gines. Or if overbooking in economy class priority over other passengers will have”.

Fifth, earn loyalty points using the loyalty programs of banks. “For example, by purchasing tickets in one place or regularly paying for all purchases with a loyalty card for the year can be accumulated for flight in business class to Europe,” says Gines. According to the research company Frank Research Group, which was held earlier this year, the best cards for travelers in the high-yield segment was recognized cards of the Bank “Russian standard” British Airways American Express Premium Card, the “platinum world map VTB 24” from VTB24 card “Gazprombank — Ural airlines” Platinum credit card from OneTwoTrip Tinkoff Bank.

However, to save on the purchase of tickets with these cards, you need to actively use them for payment, conducting operations on quite a large amount. So, the card holder British Airways is calculated at three points for each transaction to 65 rubles ($1 or €0,8) and 5 thousand extra points when spending more than 300 thousand rubles ($4700 or €3800) within three months from the date of card activation. One credit corresponds to one ruble. Also keep in mind that the service of this card will cost 10 thousand rubles per year. Credit “platinum world map VTB 24” from VTB24 provides 6 thousand welcome miles and accrue four bonus miles for every spent 35 RUB. One hour equals to 0.33 RUB Interest rate for this loan is 22% per annum, and his maintenance cost is free of charge only in case of transactions in more than 65 thousand rubles.per month.

When you open a debit card “Gazprombank — Ural airlines” Platinum owner charged 1 thousand welcome bonus rubles, and for every spent 35 rubles, $1 or €1 it gets a 1.5 bonus of the ruble. One hour equals to 0,3 RUB card servicing Gazprombank charge of 7.5 thousand rubles per year. Credit card loyalty from OneTwoTrip Tinkoff Bank allows the owner to receive up to 9% of the purchase amount in the form of bonuses which can be spent on booking hotels and buying tickets on the website or app OneTwoTrip. One bonus is equal to 1 RUB In purchases on the card to 50 thousand RUB per month and the cost of tickets at 100 thousand rubles a year, the user will receive bonuses of 20 thousand. This is less than the average price of flights in business class to Chisinau.