The authorities are considering the mechanism of exchange of apartments in the resettlement of five-story building

The authorities are considering the mechanism of exchange of apartments in the resettlement of five-story building

The city authorities are considering the mechanism of exchange of apartments in the resettlement of five-story building, said two people in the Moscow city Duma. About the same on April 19 said the head of the Cheryomushki Murad Bekniyazov at a meeting with residents of the district. According to him, a family of several generations will be able to pass each other in different apartments. Sources have confirmed that authorities are discussing how to settle these families, as well as a communal apartment.

Meetings dedicated to the program of demolition of five-story building, were held in all districts of Moscow. Then Bekniyazov said that free programme is one apartment in the five story building will be provided with only one equivalent apartments in the new house.

“The mechanism of resettlement of families currently. According to preliminary information, this can be done either subject to additional charges, either by moving to an area with lower cost of apartments, or the combination of these two options,” — said the head of the Council, answering questions of residents of the five-story building, whether they are in the demolition of the house went with the family in different apartments. Recording of Bekniyazova is available .

Resettlement of various categories of tenants are being actively discussed by the authorities, said two sources in the Moscow city Duma. “Always something to be corrected, suggestions are made. Must be a special procedure for large families, having prescribed seven to ten people. They certainly are in the queue, and of course they will settle,” said one of the interlocutors . Discussed many options to give for sale “kopeck piece” and “odnushku”, to provide housing for more space for a fee or for relocation to another area, said a second source. But, according to him, these mechanisms are not spelled out anywhere.

“Before meeting with population Council sent a “training manual” from the mayor’s office with the last piece of information necessary to convey to the Muscovites. However, many questions are still unclear: for example, in a flat area which to resettle the inhabitants of communal apartments”, — said the source.

These issues are addressed in regulations. Special legislative initiative for this is not necessary, said the head of the Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations Nikolay Nikolaev. “After the law on the renovation will take at the Federal level, will be accepted amendments in the Moscow law associated with the Housing code”, — said the member of the Commission of Moscow city Council on town-planning Valery Telichenko. The head of the same Committee Sergei Zverev said that while the official decision about the resettlement of the families there, “but the draft law contains a provision on the possibility of improving housing conditions”.

In a press-service of the Complex urban policy and construction of Moscow said that the renovation programme is planned to be allocated for free in the property equivalent to one apartment based meter of living area per meter of living space. An exception will be made for those Muscovites who stand in a queue on improvement of living conditions.

At the end of February at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced that the capital will carry almost 8 million five-story building with total area of 25 million square meters is 640 thousand. They are inhabited by 1.6 million people, or 530 thousand families. Only to their settlement must build 35.1 million sq. m With account of apartments that developers will put up for sale, it can take up to 100 million square meters, experts say. The apartments for the resettlement of five-story building, the Moscow authorities will buy from the developers.

April 20 the state Duma in the first reading approved the bill on the demolition of five-storey buildings, which gives the municipality broad powers to enable any home in the program of the demolition and eviction of tenants. From 15 may to 1 July, the residents of the houses from the provisional list will be able to vote on whether or not to include their home in a renovation programme. Where they relocated after the demolition of the house, the tenants know it.