Nadezhda Savchenko : “Some people hate, others love, no one is indifferent”

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About politics

“It seems that all will be well at once. Ukrainians, too, were waiting. I work in politics only a year, I had a lot to learn very quickly. And, of course, I didn’t have time to finish political school, or some additional economic or legal education, and I don’t think it’s necessary, because my version is not suitable. To learn six years one some craft — this is a very long time. Policy should be based on the talent that is in man. People can think and think”.

A waiver of speechwriters and spin doctors

“It all depends on what is needed speechwriters technology — in order to lead people like sheep. <…> But, on the other hand, lead to stupid people or to lead smart people — are two different things. In order to lead smart people, first they need to Wake up, they need to show that they accept the decision that they think. The same strategists or something, stats, is all that is very-very big money. <…> I’m not the politician who came out of business, or sold the “rolls-Royce” and went to the front. I’m not the politician who can afford it. And the more I think that these things are, shall we say, a burden, they are unnecessary.”

On the negotiations with the Donbass (having been released, Savchenko suggested “smile Zakharchenko and Carpentry,” which provoked criticism. — )

“My first reaction was: “Then shoot, then kill.” But since sometimes you have to try to reverse it, I then replaced the word “shoot” and “kill”, “So, then smile to each other and it’ll work.” We will be ten years to do that? Well if we are, then let. This was said this word, which, of course, probably, it was said very early. People don’t understand why I’m so quick to forget. I started to forget.”

On the suppression of a

“I am not one war was. And experienced what perhaps few people understand. When I lived in Russia, I lived with hatred. It helps. That is to tell you what I prayed to God and learned to love people… I have learned to deal with them. And so if there helped me to survive the hatred, now it just helps to survive love.”

About their place in the Ukrainian political system

“Why do many understand what I was doing in Russia? In Russia, I went against the system. Against foreign, alien, hostile, barbaric system. It was clear to everyone in Ukraine. When I was in Ukraine and went against the Ukrainian system is also clear to many people, because the system is also imperfect. But to resist each system. And when resisted the Russian system, everyone knew that resisting the enemy, I’m going against the enemy. And when the Ukrainian resists the system, yet I think that is their own. Well, not all, but the system thinks it is his own. That is how against it you can go?”


“Not so easy to change. We led after independence this power, the Ukrainians gave a vote of confidence and were disappointed. But that doesn’t mean we should give up, it means we must fight on. Why learn classic wrong errors, if you want to change something? If you don’t want to change anything, and just want to live well in this system — I could put such a goal, and I have learned very quickly, I would be on high on everything, but I would have been artificial for the year. I will be there. This is probably the hardest man to stay anywhere by yourself”.

About free time and Hobbies

“What I do in my personal life or in their free time — almost none, because the work of the policy or MP is not in Parliament, in the legislative process. Well, except that it was Easter, you Easter eggs to paint. Sometimes you can just go on a picnic, very rarely, but we are friends with the girls to go on a picnic and just relax. Something hands I love to do more than, for example, to read. Now I read the concept of one civil organization of the Ukrainian theory of reform of Ukraine”.

On the reduction of its rating

“The ratings were, because I was the ratings for the fighting to every nation. It was not my ratings, it was the ratings of Ukrainians and many people in the world. They were doing something with their hands, and it is always valued by man, because they came out with banners, worried, prayed. This is all the work of man. They valued in me, that is their job, so the ratings were. And when I got out, became a living person, many people became confused about something. But that doesn’t mean that something is bad, it means that something makes people think. And a thinking people is always better than without thoughts, without concepts, but just blindly believing something.”

About his participation in the elections

“I’m ready to participate in them. It is not discussed. It’s not that hard. It means that ready.”

About the possibility of leaving politics

“I would have left quietly policy, if Ukraine started to live well. I’d found my place in my country where I love my job”.

The attitude of people

“Every time when there are rallies, there can be a system of paramilitary guys, polstroy will shout: “shame! Zrada! Get out!” And polstroy will shout: “Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes! Hold on, Nadia, trimisa!” That is, even between and within the ranks of the guys who went one way and now stand for one idea, they have me a different attitude. That is, some hate, others love, but no one is indifferent. And it really is good. They are in search of. They then do some… this society will choose some sort of line. Someone throws a stone, someone to protect from this stone. This is normal.”