The court has declared bankrupt the group “Razgulyay”

Moscow. April 24. The arbitration court of Moscow on Monday at the request of GK “Rusagro” declared insolvent (bankrupt), JSC “Group “Razguliay”, the correspondent from the court.

The court opened bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor and the appointed bankruptcy Trustee report on the work done on the 23rd of October.

At the meeting of the temporary administrator of the debtor stated that the restoration of solvency of the company is impossible. The meeting of creditors voted for the bankruptcy of the group “Razgulay”, he said.According to him, the company has assets amounting to about 13 million rubles.

The Moscow arbitration court on October 28, 2016 on the application of GK “Rusagro” in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings introduced monitoring procedure at PJSC “Group “Razguliay.” The court then included the debt owed to the applicant in the third turn of the register of creditors of the debtor.

Earlier it was reported that the JSC “Group “Razguliay” recognizes the debt to LLC “GK “Rusagro” (the applicant in the case of bankruptcy). “I tried to negotiate, but not impossible”, – said in October 2016, the representative of the “Group “Razguliay” in court.

Answering a court question, the representative of “Razgulyai” said that the main creditor is GK “Rusagro”, but there are dozens of smaller lenders.

At the hearing on September 23, 2016, the representative of JSC “Razgulay Group said that the company takes measures to pay debts to OOO “GK “Rusagro”. OOO “GK “Rusagro” then confirmed the fact of negotiations. In this regard, the court then adjourned the meeting.

At the last meeting it was noted that the debt of “Razgulyai” before the applicant is 624,6 million.

The Moscow arbitration court on 25 January 2017 included in the register of creditors of JSC “Group “Razguliay” requirement, OOO “Group of companies “Rusagro” in the amount of 1.9 billion roubles (the basic debt). In addition, the court included in the register of creditors of the company debt to the IRS N21 in the amount of 5.8 million rubles. The court refused to Ruskobank (Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region) are included in the registry of obligation in the amount of 201,3 million.

Meanwhile, on August 4, 2016, the Ninth arbitration appeal court decided to recover from the company “Razgulay-Finance” in favor of Ruskobank 201,3 million rubles debt on bonds. The arbitration court of the Moscow district on 27 October left the ruling in force.

From the case materials that the company “Razgulay-Finance” is a commercial organization, the members of which are JSC “Group “Razguliay” with a share in the Charter capital in the amount of 40% and a Cyprus legal entity “Razguliay-Ukrros group limited” (60%).

Razgulay group is a member of the “Razgulay-Ukrros group limited” with a share of 99.99%, and OOO “Razgulay-Finans” – a subsidiary of the “Group “Razguliay.”

Meanwhile, 21 June 2016, the Central Bank of Russia revoked the Ruskobank a license to conduct banking operations. 19 July 2016, the CBR has submitted an application to the Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region about bankruptcy of Ruskobank. However, it was returned due to improper registration, according to the materials of the case. August 1, 2016, the CBR introduced a new application, 29 March 2017 the Bank is declared bankrupt.

GK “Rusagro” is currently one of the largest Russian producers of pork, sugar, packaged margarine and mayonnaise. The group has more than 35 farms, 7 sugar factories, OJSC “Zhirovoy Kombinat” (Ekaterinburg), vending branches and controls about 500 thousand hectares of land.

The problems of “Razgulyai” was launched in March 2009, when it defaulted on the bonds for 8 billion rubles. In recent years he has tried to reduce the debt.

Co-owners of “Razgulyai” are AVG Capital Partners, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Razgulyai” Rustem Mirgalimov (according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the company which owned 24.6% of the shares of “Razgulyai”, has already sold half its stake), Atonline Ltd. (9,91%). 13.9% of shares belongs to the “daughter” of the holding.

At the end of November 2015, the owner of 19.97% stake in the company was a group Rusagro, bought the stake from Vnesheconombank 33.9 billion. To Finance the deal, “Rusagro” has attracted the credit of the Bank this amount for a period of 13 years, the loan rate is 1% per annum. The deal with Webb also included the assignment of group “Rusagro” rights of claim under loan agreements Bank and other companies of the group “Razgulay”. This very “Rusagro” has placed on Deposit at VEB 13.9 billion rubles until November 2028 under 12.84% of annual as collateral for this loan.

For the repayment of the principal assets of “Razgulyai” for sale, and some of them have changed owners. The buyers were “Rusagro”, “Agrokompleks them.And.N. Tkachev”, “Dominant” concern “Pokrovsk”.

Razgulay group unites three branch directions: sugar, agricultural and grain, and also division on interaction with retail networks.