“Vedomosti” reported on the expansion of card acceptance “World” abroad

The national payment card system (NPCs) and Mastercard international payment system are holding negotiations on issue of kobegenovich cards “World Mastercard”. About this “Vedomosti” citing four sources within the banking industry.

If the talks are successful and lead to an agreement, it will be the second collaboration NPCs and Mastercard. Currently kobegenova already implemented a program to issue cards jointly owned by the payment system brand Maestro.

The Mastercard representative in conversation with the publication stated that he could not “comment on rumors and speculation”. Nvqs and the Bank of Russia on the questions of “sheets” have not responded.

The interviewed bankers say that they would like to release cards with the Mastercard and not Maestro. The representative of the Bank explained that if possible, prefer kobegenova the program “World Mastercard” as it will be convenient to the customers. Vice-President of VTB Bank, Ivan Pyatkov said that the retail business of the Bank does not issue cards kobegenovich “World-Maestro”, but considering the possibility of issuing “World Mastercard”. The representative of Sberbank declined to comment.

As told the publication the source, the very NPCs would prefer to work more actively with Mastercard, rather than with the Maestro. Such cooperation would be beneficial and the international payment system: thus, says the source, Mastercard will strengthen its position in the Russian market.

Another market leader, the billing controller Visa, is also negotiating with the NPS and the Central Bank since the end of 2016. According to his representative, “is in active and productive dialogue with the Central Bank and nspk on a number of issues concerning the development of electronic payments in Russia, including the issue of creating kobegenova card”. Another source assures that the negotiations “difficult,” because Visa does not agree to the terms of the agreement.

In may 2014, after the United States and some European countries have introduced restrictive measures against Russia was adopted the law on the establishment of nvqs. The government then noted that he had gone to such measures to ensure continuity, effectiveness and accessibility of services on transfer of funds. The programme produced the card “the World”. Since July, Russian banks are obliged to issue them to employees.