Alexei Navalny poured green paint in Moscow

In Moscow attacked the oppositional politician Alexei Navalny and doused it with green paint. On Twitter said his press Secretary, Kira Yarmish.

According to her, along with the Bulk they went to the event Global Event Forum. She said that the assailant waited for the Bulk near the car and fled after splashed brilliant green in opposition.

Navalny wrote that the green paint he got hit in the right eye, so he is now “the green and the pupil, and the cornea”.

Arrived on-call ambulance staff examined the Bulk and decided to take him to the hospital.

This is not the first case of assault with green paint on the opposition. The last time the incident occurred in late March in Barnaul, where the politician came to the opening of his campaign headquarters. At the end of 2016, Navalny announced his intention to participate in elections of the President of Russia in 2018.

Yesterday, April 26, assault was reported by blogger Ilya Varlamov. Doused with brilliant green at the airport of Stavropol. According to Varlamov, the attack occurred in front of the police. “Immediately after leaving the airport I was attacked by a group of people. They were ten people. <…> All happened in front of police officers on duty at the airport,” he said. Several hours later, Varlamov poured green paint the second time.