The court in absentia arrested the two ex-owners of Probusinessbank in case of theft

Basmanny court of Moscow arrested in absentia two former owners of Probusinessbank in the case of large-scale embezzlement, according to “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press-Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev.

“Basmanny court elected a measure of restraint in form of detention in respect of Leontiev and Sergei Zheleznyak Alexander, accused of committing a crime under part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code (misappropriation or embezzlement. — ), “—said Tsarev.

According to her, this measure of restraint was elected by the court on 16 February 2017, and in mid-March decision of the court of appeal was upheld.

The Central Bank deprived of the license Probusinessbank in August 2015, then the Bank appointed a temporary administration. In October 2015, the credit institution was declared bankrupt. When checking the financial condition of the Bank, the regulator has identified a large-scale operation on withdrawal of Bank’s assets and the damage from the actions of the Bank management was estimated at more than 34 billion rubles.

In addition, the TFR filed against the former management of Probusinessbank criminal case about plunder of the credit companies more than 25 billion rubles. This statement was made by the Prosecutor in Ostankino court of Moscow, where the case is heard against the former top Manager of the Bank of Nikolai Alexeyev, said the Agency.

The consequence considers that the former President of Probusinessbank, the former head of the financial group “life” Sergey Leontiev, together with the then Chairman of the Board Alexander Zheleznyaka has created a criminal group to steal money from the Bank. This same criminal group included the former head of the corporate Finance Department of Bank Nikolay Alexeyev, who signed the documents on the results of a number of non-performing loans.

Alekseev concluded with the court a plea agreement, the court gave evidence about the role of other persons, said the Prosecutor. “His testimony is allowed to initiate in respect of iron ore and Leontiev criminal case on the fact of theft of a credit institution more than 25 billion rubles.”, she said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Case Alekseeva of embezzling 2.4 billion RUB from Probusinessbank is allocated in separate manufacture.

In early March, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) identified the shortage of 69.8 bn in the inventory of assets of Probusinessbank. The majority of the financial hole you have to settlements on broker operations with securities, noted in the message of ASV.