VTB was not satisfied with proposals for the purchase of its Ukrainian “daughter”

VTB was not satisfied with proposals for the purchase of its Ukrainian “daughter”

Moscow. April 26. VTB is not very satisfied with the received offers to buy its Ukrainian “daughter”, told to journalists the first Deputy Chairman of VTB, Vasily Titov.

“We have several proposals, they have not really resist, we are working on these proposals. Principle for us is two things. First, we in no way wanted to harm the business and the customers who trust us, so no sudden movements, slamming the door, shouting, “all thanks, we went” will not. We take into account the realities that exist now in Ukraine, they are not comfortable to work with. They force us to think about leaving, but leave we will be civilized,” – said Titov.

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The head of VTB Andrey Kostin in turn, speaking at the annual shareholders meeting, said that how to leave from the Ukrainian market, VTB will depend on which features will be from the Bank.

“From-for known events we have incurred significant losses there. Although sometimes on the Internet write that we support someone, etc, this is nonsense, of course, because our only goal was always Ukraine – to minimize our losses as much as possible to repay the money and, in fact, “freeze” our activities there. But unfortunately, as you know, the Ukrainian authorities escalated the situation here and in the past month have introduced restrictive measures against Russian banks with state participation, introduced new sanctions which, in essence, doing now is necessary for us withdrawal from the Ukrainian market. We are often asked, when we leave here, what will sell. It is quite a complex process, especially since the Ukrainian authorities continue to put spokes in the wheels and in the process. Nevertheless, the situation is clear – we will be closed, we will leave gradually or immediately, will depend on what opportunities we will have and how will to leave”, – he said.

VTB in may of last year declared intention to sell a subsidiary Bank in Ukraine in case of interesting offers. However, in June the Russian Bank has announced that it has suspended the active search for buyers. Talk about leaving the group from the Ukrainian market resumed in March after Kiev introduced sanctions against Ukrainian banks with Russian state capital. The restrictions forbid them to perform any financial transactions in favour of the parent structures.

Losses of VTB group in case of realization of a negative scenario in relation to the Ukrainian subsidiary are estimated at 10-20 billion, in a positive scenario, the group may make a little money, said in March the first Deputy Chairman of VTB Yuri Soloviev. Answering the question, how has the work “daughter” of VTB after the imposition of sanctions, Titov said, “both worked, and work. They strive to serve customers to repay debts”.

VTB also expects to sell Ukrainian BM Bank (got a group together with Bank of Moscow), for which we apply two groups of buyers. Titov said that the deal is not yet completed.

“Everything is complex, nothing is simple, unfortunately. Ukrainian authorities look at it as part of the group, so the requirements for it as part of a group, not just to the license. We’re working on it, I think we will solve this problem”, – said Titov.