What happens to the Bank “Ugra” after a technical failure

For Thursday, April 27, the reporter visited all seven of the Moscow offices of the Bank “Ugra” in Moscow to find out whether they managed to solve yesterday’s problem with the customer service. The Bank had previously stated that the problem is caused by the failure of information systems.

At 11:50 in the additional office of Bank “Vojkovsky” the Leningrad highway clients were not. But of all the operations of the Bank at the specified time is not made worked only ATMs. “We are not running the server in the morning, as I came to work”, — said the employee of additional office. She claimed that after 12:00 everything is working and took the phone number with a promise to notify the resumption of operations. Such a proposal, according to employees of the Bank, make all clients, because the office no one there. After resuming operations, as specified in the additional office, without an appointment can take up to 100 thousand rubles, for large sums offered to enroll on 2 may. However, the left phone number to the evening call from the Department and not received.

The next office was Belorusskaya address: Lesnaya street 5. At approximately 12:30 Bank customers were, two of them wanted to take part in the end. On the question of whether to remove the contribution in this Department was offered to sign up and wait because the server is not running. “We were asked to come to work early to serve all, but still do not work”, — said the employee of the office. In the same way as in the office Voykovskaya, after the resumption of operations here promised to give no entries to 100 thousand rubles, for the large sums asked for an appointment on may 2nd. The ATMs in this office worked, as indeed in all others visited by the correspondent .

In the office “Bagrationovskaya” at 13:30 there were only two employees and one customer. The woman wanted to take the interest accumulated on the Deposit. The staff said that the money is ready, but as there is no server that can not give anything, and have re-recorded it for tomorrow. A little later, the operator reported that the server running in the office on Lubyanka passage.

There the reporter arrived around 14:30. Servers worked, clients served. “Earned recently, in 2 hours,” — said the representative. On the e-voucher queue means that the reporter — 31 minutes a day, wants to close the contribution. However, in reality, at that time, customers wishing to close the Deposit, were three. One of them managed to obtain $1 thousand (that is the limit in us dollars, to Euro 1 thousand). Others have taken 100 thousand RUB., as only this amount can be withdraw without recording. One of the contributors spoke about his strategy — to go to different offices and to remove on 100 thousand rubles from the Deposit, where possible. It turned out, the limit for withdrawal of funds from Deposit account is not on one individual and one issue per person in the Department.

In the office on the Earthworks at the time of arrival of the correspondent were about 20 people who said that will have to wait two to three hours. Turn was created due to the fact that there was only one operator and one office two. Among the people standing in the queue, only one client was recorded in two days. He was able to remove the amount he wanted: “more than 100 thousand RUB., a decent amount of money.” He explained that he had decided to withdraw the accumulated interest.

In the office “Arbat” had three teller, there was only one customer — but the closing of the contribution he didn’t care. In this office, as in the other departments, has proposed to remove 100 thousand rubles or book on may 2nd.

In the office of “New Cheryomushki” around 18:10 clients was little more than a dozen. Two of them went to withdraw accrued interest to, as they explained, the account remained only the insured amount. This office staff gave a different explanation failure to carry out the transaction. One said that the Bank installed new software, which could not serve the customers. Sitting next to the representative pointed out: “the Reason is that the server did not work”. The man who introduced himself as the Manager of the branch, said: “This is a technical problem with the Bank all is well.” And as an exception to the proposed correspondent to close the contribution ahead of schedule, not two days later, and tomorrow. At the point of care of the correspondent in the Department were about ten people, among which there was one woman, opening contribution.

Wednesday, April 26, “Ugra” reported that “on April 25 in connection with the violation in the system of off-site power failure has occurred affecting the operation of the equipment included in the hardware-software complex of information systems” Bank. This failure can result in the customers experiencing difficulties with carrying out a number of operations.

The President and shareholder of “Severstal” Alexey Nefedov stated that in the evening of 27 April was recovered, all options of the Bank: payments, online services and operations on deposits. “Indeed, this morning, some payment vouchers were not made or were delayed because we had to restore the system performance. But now the Bank works in a usual mode”, — says Nefedov. He also assured that “during the entire period, while recovering the performance of the system, no restrictions on withdrawals or deposits have not been imposed”.

“The supply of funding for the Bank has not suffered — today, investors all over Russia took only 50 million roubles yesterday the outflow and inflow was equivalent, the day before yesterday, investors did not take”, — says Nefedov.

With respect to restrictions on withdrawal day exceeding 100 thousand rubles, in foreign press service of the Bank “Ugra”, said that the agreement on opening of the contribution is a recommendation to a customer to inform the Bank about the desire to withdraw an amount more than 100. the question arose whether informed depositors from the need to make an appointment for a few days for withdrawal of deposits over 100 thousand RUB, an employee of the foreign press service of the Bank Alexander Shablovsky promised to clarify this issue. While refiners are not followed.

Large amount, banks often do ask you to book in advance. Thus, the press-service of Alfa Bank said that in their office without a reservation, you can withdraw money in the amount not exceeding RUB 500 thousand or equivalent in foreign currency at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia. “The amount of 500 thousand must be ordered within two working days. It is written in the contract. But the Bank always meets the customer and tries to solve his problem as soon as possible individually,” — said the press service.