Sberbank may 1 will reduce rates on all consumer credits

Moscow. April 28. Sberbank of Russia from may 1 to lower interest rates across the range of consumer loans and launches a special promotion with additional discount, the Bank said. Reduction up to 4 percentage points (PP) from current rates.

The minimum rate for consumer credit under the guarantee of physical persons will be 12.9% per annum, without software – 13,9% annual in roubles.

On consumer credit to military participants in the cumulative mortgage system interest rate will be 13.5% per annum in rubles, with the security and 14.5% per annum in rubles without collateral. On loans to natural persons, a leading private farms rate of 17.0% per annum in rubles.

In addition, the savings Bank has also imposed additional discount of 1 percentage point on consumer credits without providing for the use of the Internet service. In the framework of the minimum rate for this product will amount to 12.9% per annum in rubles, provided the application is filed through Sberbank online and a loan in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. The promotion is valid till 18 Jun 2017.

From 2 may 2017 on consumer credits for the refinancing of loans will be offered a fixed rate of 13.9% per annum in rubles. The product allows you to refinance up to 5 credits. The Bank reminds that interest rates are set individually depending on the reliability, solvency and the client’s category.

The reasons for the decline Sberbank rates on consumer credits were the changes in the market situation and the gradual recovery of the lending market. “The key rate is reduced, and the savings Bank to adequately respond to these changes. The savings Bank in April has also almost doubled the maximum loan amount for consumer loans and now brings interest rates to a level which is significantly below the pre – crisis level”, – stated in the message.

CBR at the end of March 2017 for the first time in six months reduced the key rate by 0.25 PP to 9.75% per annum.