Microsoft has forbidden to change the standard browser in the new Windows

In the new operating system Windows 10’s will not be able to change the browser default. This is stated in the FAQ (“Frequently asked questions”) on the new OS.

The user can install a different browser by downloading it from the official app store Windows store, however, all downloaded files, and links will only open in the standard Microsoft Edge. In addition, you cannot change the default search engine. Standard search engine in Edge and Explorer will be Bing. Other search engines in the app store is not represented.

Microsoft introduced a new version of the Windows operating system on Tuesday, may 2. Windows 10’s — a lightweight version of Windows 10 is designed primarily for students. Windows 10’s can be installed only from the Windows Store. According to the developers, it is necessary to ensure safety. For $49 Windows 10 S you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

In conjunction with the updated operating system of Microsoft presented the new Surface laptop, Laptop with Intel seventh generation. The developers of the Corporation claim that this computer is preloaded with Windows 10’s will be able to work up to 14.5 hours of battery life. The price Surface Laptop starts at $999.

As expected, the Laptop Surface will compete with the released Google Kambuku, which runs on a stripped-down operating system Chrome OS.