Smartphone owners did not use almost half of the downloaded applications

Smartphone owners did not use almost half of the downloaded applications

Smartphone owners use a third to half of the installed on the mobile phone applications in a month, according to Analytics company App Annie (the study for the first quarter of 2017 have). The study covered ten countries — India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, USA, France, UK, Japan and Mexico.

The month users download dozens of mobile apps. Mostly in Japan and China (over 100 applications per month), though regularly used by about 33 and 40 services respectively. A similar ratio — about a third of used applications downloaded in the United States, Germany, France, the UK and Mexico.

App Annie in the analysed countries the average user has used nine applications per day, and the owners of iPhone activity higher than that of owners of phones with Android operating system. Above average in frequency of use of 12 applications per day — users from Brazil, India and China.

The most popular apps in the U.S. use (the owners of both the iPhone and the Android) are typically non-entertainment services that come pre-installed on the mobile (Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android). Followed by social networks and other services for communication, in particular instant messengers.

The owners of phones with Android system are less number of apps, but 30% more active owners the iPhone uses the service on your smartphone. “However, iOS still leads in terms of income from games due to the much higher average revenue per user,” reads the study.

From 2015 to 2017 in all selected countries, the cost indicator time per user increases, which confirms the growing importance of mobile applications, say App Annie. For example, users in South Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Japan on average spend on apps more than three hours a day. In Brazil and Mexico most of the time spend in social networks and applications for communication, whereas in South Korea and Japan — in games (25% of the time). For comparison, Americans spend on apps on average 2 hours and 15 minutes a day, the French and the Germans — only 1.6–2 hours.

Most often, smartphone users are opening the app for Dating and improve performance — about four sessions per day. While less likely to spend time in the financial (banking) and educational application less than minutes per session. Most of the time to spend a session in the transport programs (about 6 minutes).