The export duty on oil in Russia reduced by us $4.9

Moscow. May 1. The export duty on oil in Russia, according to the Ministry, since may 1 reduced by us $4.9 to us $84 per ton. In April the export duty on crude oil was $88,9 per ton. Preferential rate of duty on oil in Eastern Siberia, Caspian fields and the Prirazlomnoye field in connection with new formula, adopted in the framework of the tax maneuver in the oil industry, remained at a zero level (zero out February 1, 2015).

The duty on high-viscosity oil from may 1 declined to $12.9 $13.8 in April. Bet on the trimers and tetramers of propylene decreased to $5.4 from $5.7 m. The duty on light oil products and oil may 1, is $25,2 per ton (in April – $26,6), on dark – $84 per tonne (in April – $88,9). The duty on exports of marketable gasoline declined from may 1 to $25,2 per ton (in April – $26,6), naphtha (naphtha) to $46.2 per tonne ($48,8 per tonne). The duty on liquefied natural gas remained at zero since, in accordance with the formula of its calculation, if the price of LPG is below us $490 per ton fee is reset to zero. Duty on coke fell to $5.4 at $5.7 per ton.