The Kremlin has summed up the results of Putin’s meeting with Merkel in Sochi

The meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin were centred around bilateral relations, stated the press Secretary of the Russian head Dmitry Peskov, reports .

“Relationships are not just warm, they, despite differences, a large amount of going,” he said, summing up the meeting of heads of Germany and Russia in Sochi.

“Had a very detailed and Frank exchange of views on major international issues: Syria, Libya, Afghanistan. It was an exchange of views, was interested in the assessment and development prospects. A lot of attention was paid to the Ukrainian story, which stated spin”, — said Peskov.

He also noted that the President of Russia presented his vision of the causes of the conflict, while both leaders agreed that this situation needed new impetus. “Putin called on the Chancellor to influence the President of Ukraine, to make a more active execution of the agreements,” — said Peskov.

During the meeting, Putin also noted the importance of economic cooperation between the two countries, stressing that Russia and Germany a lot of turnover. “Turnover has been a sharp increase since January,” — said Putin during a press conference following the meeting with Merkel. He also noted that the parties managed to discuss other foreign policy issues — the G20 summit and the situation in Syria.

According to the Russian President, the parties believe that the solution to the Syrian issue can be found “only by peaceful means” and “under UN auspices”. He noted that the parties called for “intensification of the negotiation process in the framework of the Astana and Geneva format”. In addition, Putin stressed that the Russian side is ready to render Germany as presidency of the G20 with all the assistance necessary in order for the summit in Hamburg “underwent successful”.

During the meeting, Angela Merkel also touched on the issue of human rights in Russia. So, she asked Vladimir Putin to clarify the situation with the persecution of gays in Chechnya, as well as to take measures to ensure that such problems do not arise. “I also talked about what was a very negative report about what is happening with homosexuals in Chechnya and asked the President that he had their impact in order to ensure the preservation of the rights of minorities,” — said Merkel after the meeting.

The meeting between Putin and Merkel took place in Sochi. It lasted about two hours. From the Russian side the meeting was also attended by Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov and Vladislav Surkov, as well as the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.