FNS received 2 billion rubles due to the “tax on Google”

The Federal tax service (FNS) was first reported on tax returns from foreign companies, the report said FTS. In the first quarter of 2017, the Agency received 92 tax Declaration for VAT for a total sum about 2 billion rubles.

Only registration rose 111 foreign companies, according to FTS. We are talking about the so-called providers of electronic services, which, according to in force this year, the law on “tax on Google” should be registered as tax residents and pay VAT at the rate of 18% from sales of content and software in digital form, hosting services, domain registration, etc. at the stage of adoption of the law in 2016, a government spokesman said that the budget will be able to obtain from the taxation of foreign Internet companies to 10 billion rubles.

Currently, the FTS shall check the provided payments. “Due to the fact that the procedure of payment of the tax amounts with foreign Bank accounts is quite difficult and takes some time, the tax authorities are cooperating with foreign companies, payments from whom have not yet received,” — stated in the message.

While FNS has specified that if the company registered in the tax authority, they must provide a Declaration, even if not carried out any operation in the territory of Russia since the beginning of the year.

Earlier it was reported that taxes on registered Facebook, Apple Distribution International, Google Commerce Ltd, Microsoft Ireland, Netflix International B. V., Wargaming Group Ltd, Bloomberg, Financial Times, etc. As wrote “sheets”, half of 100 registered companies sell software and computer games, 30% off books, music and games, another 15% of companies are trading platforms and services.

Thus, for example, Apple has included VAT in the cost of services to users. In March, the company announced to its users that the cost of annual subscription to iTunes Match will be increased by 16.3%, to 929 RUB., due to the new fees.