Google warned about malware sending under the guise of Google Docs

Google has warned users around the world about phishing sending emails from Gmail under Google Docs. The company said in his Twitter.

“We’re investigating phishing emails that look like Google Docs. We recommend that you do not click on messages and report them as phishing”, — says in the message.

The Verge indicates that the attackers send messages to users from those they know. Then when you click on the link it is proposed to give access to email and address book program that allegedly is Google Docs. However, if you follow a malicious link, attackers will be able to access accounts via third-party applications.

The feature is that malicious emails will be sent within Gmail, but does not translate to the page, similar to the postal service.

In a statement Google, which leads The Verge, said that the company has taken measures to protect users from this phishing spam. In particular, they disabled the accounts of the offenders and deleted them page.

The publication writes that the later the issue is resolved.

In mid-April, the developer of antivirus software ESET reported that he was able to find in Google Play virus that masquerades as an application. Trojan can block the device’s screen. If the infected device is located in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, the virus is deactivated.