State-owned companies offered to punish the ruble for the purchase of foreign programs

The Ministry of communications and mass communications of the possibility of collection with state companies, purchasing software (FOR) foreign development, special collection, told reporters the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov.

According to the Minister, this measure may relate to foreign buyers, which has domestic counterparts, and the recipient of the money may be the recently created Fund for development of information technology (FRIT).

“They proposed that such compensatory payment should be around 5%. Bought 100 mln FOR overseas, kindly RUB 5 million to transfer to the development Fund IT,” said Nikiforov.

Currently, state-owned companies don’t have to purchase mandatory program of domestic production, the law obliges to this (in the presence of the Russian analogues of imported SOFTWARE) only state agencies. However, the idea of expanding the requirements of the law on state-owned companies is actively discussed.

“We believe that practice should be spread. The volume of purchases from state-owned companies much more than all the government agencies,” — said in March 2016 at the meeting of government members with the President Nikiforov.

In turn, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin then proposed that at the initial stage focus on purchases of domestic FOR was for state-owned companies recommendation.

“Of course: immediately such things are not done, but move absolutely required in this direction. Our programmers can certainly all of this is to ensure, absolutely, even there are no doubts. Yes, I just want this track to be”, — said Putin.

In February 2017, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that in the register of programs of domestic development included about 3 thousand software products, for which demand is growing.

“Sometimes the imported product is just a habit, belief that foreign is always better quality. Russian developers produce programs that are not inferior in convenience and functionality abroad”, — said the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of communications proposed measures “stimulus money” should spur demand for programs developed in Russia.

“We believe that some incentive for the ruble must be. But these proposals, we will develop together with colleagues from the economic development Ministry and Finance Ministry”, — said Nikiforov.