DPRK authorities accused the CIA of plotting the assassination of Kim Jong-UN

In the official report, which was published by North Korean Agency KCNA reported that the CIA and the intelligence Service of South Korea has created a “vicious conspiracy” to assassinate the top leadership of the DPRK.

According to the authors, a group of terrorists entered the territory of North Korea to use against Kim Jong-UN and his associates some chemical and radioactive substances. It had to happen during the parade in Pyongyang, which was supposed to be the leader of the country.

The direct executor of murder had allegedly become a citizen of North Korea, which in 2014 worked in the Khabarovsk region of Russia and was recruited by the South Korean intelligence service. For a crime he promised to pay $20 thousand

DPRK authorities announced that the involvement of the CIA to the conspiracy proved, since the detected substance could be produced only by U.S. intelligence agencies. In addition, the captured conspirator found the satellite transmitter. With his help, Kim was contacted by the masterminds of the crime in Pyongyang. In addition, on the instructions of foreign intelligence services, he was involved in recruitment and other agents.

Special services of the DPRK promised to continue to find and “mercilessly destroy all terrorists sent by the CIA and the puppet regime in South Korea”.

On the morning of 5 may, the KCNA reported that Kim Jong-UN visited the island at the South-Western border of the DPRK and announced a possible strike on South Korea.

The North Korean leader urged the gunners to be very careful and ready to “break the backbone of the enemy” upon the receipt of the order.

Earlier, on 2 may, the us military in South Korea have confirmed that the missile defense system THAAD is partially expanded and ready to shoot down North Korean missiles.