Russia will transfer flight with Belarus in the international sector airports

From may 15 flights between Russia and Belarus in the Russian airports are translated in the international sector. Passengers of these flights who are not nationals of the two countries will have to pass the border control in Russia. This was announced by the Secretary of the Union state of Russia and Belarus Grigory Rapota, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Rapota explained that the only change that will affect citizens of Russia and Belarus, will be the obligation to preserve the boarding pass which they will have to present at security checkpoints in airports of Russia.

“Notes on the border crossing the passport is stamped will not” — said Rapota.

To cross the border citizens of the two countries will be internal passports. The new order does not infringe the rights of Russians and Belarusians, said Rapota.

“For the Russians and Belarusians, nothing changes, as they crossed the border without restrictions and will have to cross. If, for convenience, will need an additional corridor so the guards enters it. About it the arrangement with them is,” he said.

While Rapota said that he knew nothing about whether similar measures are introduced for other modes of transport.

On 1 may, the Ministry of transport of Russia by its order has made a change in the so-called standard scheme of the organization of crossing the state border of Russia of persons, transport and goods, adding a clause stating that for the smooth service to passengers — citizens of the Union state, the following from Belarus to Russia and Vice versa checkpoints “create separate channels in which border control”, if the passenger showed proof of citizenship of Russia or Belarus, and it is not going to fly to third countries (and did not arrive from a third country). Earlier, the Ministry of transport explained in the explanatory note to the draft order that the purpose of the changes is to “ensure the possibility of state control of third country nationals and stateless persons arriving from Belarus to Russia and departing from it in the opposite direction air travel”. The transport Ministry said that the amendment stems from the fact that earlier Belarus has abolished visas for citizens of 80 countries and for citizens of Russia and Belarus will not change anything.

FSB of Russia February 1, entered the border zone regime in Bryansk, Smolensk and Pskov regions on the border with Belarus. The need for such a zone is explained by the suppression of migration and drug smuggling. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in response to this stated that Russia had violated the provisions of treaties between the two countries.

Introduction the border zone was a reaction to a visa-free regime, which Lukashenko has imposed on 9 January. Lukashenko has allowed the citizens of 80 countries to visit Belarus without a visa for a period not exceeding five days. The fears of Moscow was related to the fact that due to the lack of border controls with Belarus, foreigners can enter the territory of Russia without visas.