The activists of the SERB said about the checks to the police after the attack on Navalny

After the attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny police became interested in the movement of SERB, said activist Alexey Kulakov.

“Police check is carried out by specific people. Now [is] to those that appear in the video, including me. Phone me a lot of people questioned: the police, not the police,” said Kulakov. He denies the involvement of his movement to attack in Bulk.

The leader of the SERB Igor Beketov (known under the name gosh Tarasevich) confirmed that the district police called him and his associates. “Invited for questioning”, — said the activist.

Participants of the movement “was set up by someone from the liberal opposition,” says Beketov. “I was called by unknown voice of a young man, and offered at 17:00 to meet at the office of the FBC to “fix interesting material,” said Beketov. The same proposal was made Kulakov. We took the camera. Kulakov arrived early, there was nothing there. When it happened, he did not have time to shoot. I was half an hour late, only saw the aftermath”.

He stressed that when the SERB holds its shares, its activists openly take responsibility for them. “Novaya Gazeta” reported that Alexander Petrunko, another activist of the SERB, had participated in the attack on the opposition. Beketov in conversation with claims that Petrunko two days before the attack went to the Crimea.

The interior Ministry of Russia and Department of internal Affairs across Moscow are unable to provide a prompt response to the inquiry or interrogation of the activists of the SERB.

27 APR Navalny went to the world trade Center to speak at Global Event Forum. Unknown policy waited near the car, and then threw the Bulk in the face with green paint. As a result, the politician received a chemical burn of the right eye. Navalny has indicated that his doctor doubts that cause burns of the eyes were only green.

Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on the fact of attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The case was initiated on April 29, according to the article 116 of the criminal code (assault), it leads management inquiry Main Department of MIA in Moscow. Close to the Kremlin source confirmed the initiation of proceedings and reported on the “interest” of the authorities in the search for the attackers.

The movement of SERB known for its acts of force against the opposition. In particular, its activists, including gosh Tarasevich, tried to destroy the people’s memorial to Boris Nemtsov on the Moskva bridge and staged a brawl with his defenders.