The Cabinet meet 90% of orders Putin’s “may decrees”

The Cabinet meet 90% of orders Putin’s “may decrees”

MOSCOW, may 4. /TASS/. More than 50 of the 218 orders of the Russian President to the Russian government related to the performance of “may decrees”, are still in operation. Of those prescriptions that needed to be fulfilled to date, implemented more than 90% of the orders reported in the press service of the Cabinet.

“Just “may decrees” 218 contains instructions to the government. Of them to date, the government had to fulfil 180 orders. Completed and removed from control 165 orders and 91.7% of the number of instructions that need to be executed to the present time”, – said in the Cabinet.

As explained in the government, currently, version is 53 instructions. Of this number, 37 assignments must be completed in 2017-2020, and in another 12 instructions, a deadline is not defined – set quarterly, half-yearly or annual reporting.

Four orders were required to accomplish last year. “The performance reports are currently under consideration in the presidential Administration”, – noted in the Cabinet.

In a press-service of the government said that of the 53 orders remaining on execution, the largest number is in the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of education and science (11), Ministry (8) Ministry of defense (7).

In addition to the instructions contained in the “may decrees” the President gave the government additional recommendations to achieve the required performance. “The government was given to 199 orders and directives of the head of state of them are done and removed from control 159 (79,9%) orders and directives”, – noted in press service. “On the performance are 40 (20.1 per cent) of instructions and directives, with 18 on the execution of orders and directives sent reports to the President of the Russian Federation”, – said in the Cabinet.