The headquarters of Emmanuel Macron has undergone to hacker attack

The headquarters of Emmanuel Macron has undergone to hacker attack

The staff of the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron was under attack. The fact of the burglary was confirmed, the party of “Forward!”, headed by macron. According to WikiLeaks, the headquarters has leaked hundreds of thousands of emails, photos and apps

A pre-election staff of the candidate in presidents of France, the leader of the Republican party “go Forward!” former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron of has undergone a massive hacker attack, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the user under the nickname “EMLEAKS” laid out in open access in the web app Pastebin that allows you to anonymously upload snippets of text or source code, and share these data with other users, about 9 GB of documents on the activities of the election headquarters.

According to the organization Wikileaks, a data breach occurred after hacking email campaign. The so-called #MacronLeaks contains hundreds of thousands of emails, photos and applications exchanged between the headquarters in the period until April 24.

The organization noted that the publication of these data will not affect the outcome of the second round of presidential elections, which will take place in France on Sunday, 7 may. WikiLeaks said that the new leak may be used for “increasing animosity” towards Russia.

At the headquarters of Emmanuel Macron, the fact of hacking their servers confirmed. The actions of hackers in the political organizations condemned. “The party “Forward!” was the victim of a large-scale and coordinated hacking this evening (5 may. — RBC), which led to the spread of the Network of various internal information”, — quotes Reuters the statement of the press service of the party.

Previously, on April 25, Associated Press with reference to sources in the Japanese company Trend Micro, specializing in anti-virus protection as well as the head of the Department of digital technologies Munira Mahdjoubi reported that the website of the candidate in presidents of France Makron has repeatedly been subjected to hacker attacks. According to the Agency, from December 2016 it would at least 160 times. For the organization of break-ins, said Trend Micro, hackers have created fake web site to steal passwords of employees of the headquarters.

In February, Secretary of the party “Forward!” Richard Ferrand stated that the Makron hacked by Russian cyber criminals, then he accused Russia of meddling in the electoral process in France. The foreign Ministry then condemned the cyber attacks against the candidate. The Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault did not call, who is responsible for these actions, however, urged the world community to pay attention to what the candidates expressed support for Russia — marine Le Pen and françois Fillon.

Moscow his involvement in hacker attacks have repeatedly denied and denied trying to influence the election results in other countries.