Tinkoff Bank recognized the failure of the Internet Bank

Users complained of problems — the Bank promised to fix them quickly

Customers of the Internet service Tinkoff Bank encountered problems when attempting to use it. On the Bank’s Twitter they complain of inability to obtain account information, conduct transactions and even just to log in.

In a Bank failure, a fact acknowledged, explaining the incident to the technical problems, and promised to remove them soon.

“Our agencies are still working on Troubleshooting. After 40 minutes — hour all will be fixed”, — explained RBC in online service support for Bank customers.

Oleg Tinkov — RBC: “Our philosophy is we are always in crisis”

Later, the communications Manager of Tinkoff Bank told RBC that disruptions in its Internet service lasted an hour. “Now the problem is resolved, all systems are stable and running”, she said.

Earlier, the head of the Board of Directors of the credit institution and owner of a controlling stake in TCS Group Holding (the parent company of Tinkoff Bank) Oleg Tinkov has admitted that the absence of the Bank’s own ATMs inconvenience customers, but because the credit organization considering launching its own network.

In March 2017 Tinkov announced that the first Tinkoff Bank ATMs will appear in major Russian cities this year.

“We, of course, do not easy ATMs and “smart”, if you want. They will be multi-currency, somaintexasii, there will be more to collect revenue, there can be remove the cache in different currencies. We see more negative reviews are from people who want to withdraw or Deposit large amounts of currency. Putting ATM machines in the best locations of the cities, we will give people access to the withdrawal and encashment of the currency. ATMs — this is no change of strategy, and a step towards our consumer,” explained Tinkov in an interview with RBC.