Source: Moscow and Cairo have not yet agreed on the presence of the experts of the Russian Federation in the airports

CAIRO, may 13. /Offset. TASS Dean Drunk, Dmitry Tarasov/. Between Moscow and Cairo has created some controversy over the presence of Russian experts at the Egyptian airports, where arriving flights from Russia after the resumption of flights. About this TASS said the Egyptian source.

“The negotiations on the resumption of flights did not stop, they continue, – he explained. – However, there are some differences in regard to the permanent presence of Russian experts in air harbours of the country, which will serve coming from Russia planes”.

The question about the possible deployment of specialists in the airports of Egypt was discussed a long time ago, and at first, it was reported that the Egyptian side had no objection to this. Later, however, Cairo was opposed, and voiced in the consultations between the two States is the proposal to make this provision in the draft agreement on security of air links between Russia and Egypt found no support of the Egyptians because, according to available information, in Cairo it is considered as violation of national sovereignty.

Negotiations on resumption of air links were active until the beginning of the year, but in February after the visit of the next group of inspectors in Cairo, when in both countries expected that in the near future will be announced on the resumption of flights, the process has stalled. Now, as noted in the Egyptian capital, even the possible terms of restoration of flights is not known.

Moscow announced that it would temporarily suspend flights to Egypt after the crash of the Russian airliner A321 in the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, 2015. According to the FSB, the plane companies “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, a bomb exploded. Killed 224 people.

After this, the Russian side has put the main condition of open messages a significant upgrade of all security systems in the Egyptian air harbours.