The US abandoned plans to ban carry laptops in airplanes from the EU

The United States will not restrict the transportation of electronic devices on flights from Europe. The ban on the carriage of equipment in your hand Luggage is stored for planes from Egypt, UAE, Qatar and some other countries

The United States would not deny to carry laptops and other electronics in hand Luggage on flights that follow from Europe. This was agreed between the us authorities and the EU, transfers Bi-bi-si.

Officials came to this decision after four hours of talks in Brussels. However, they allowed the introduction of any other measures. The meeting was proposed to hold the European officials who make a bomb threat on Board the aircraft.

A source in the EU described the meeting as “vital”. The authorities assured their American colleagues that “the meeting marked the beginning of the era in which [the parties will be able to achieve] better cooperation on security issues under the President of the United States Donald trump”.

A week ago, Reuters with reference to sources wrote that the American authorities are discussing the extension of restrictions on the carriage of electronic devices in the cabin. Measures could relate to the countries of Western Europe.

USA has banned passengers from bringing in carry-on baggage equipment, if they are flying from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Eastern countries and North African countries. The authorities took this decision because, according to them, there is a threat of a terrorist attack on units of the banned terrorist organization al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

After the US restrictive measures were imposed and the United Kingdom. Officials were forbidden to carry in the cabin of the aircraft electronic devices, if the flight should be from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The ban includes laptops, cameras and tablets.