Savastianova denied reports about tightening procedures to introduce bills in the Duma

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. The head of the Duma Committee on rules Olga Savastianova refuted media allegations that now MPs can’t introduce bills without a visa speaker of the lower chamber.

“This in principle can not be. The introduction of the bill is regulated by the constitutional law and the laws of the Russian Federation. The rules of the state Duma can not limit the subjects of legislative initiative in their law,” she said TASS, commenting on the publication in the newspaper of RBC. Earlier this newspaper reported that the rules Committee drafted amendments, according to which “without a visa speaker of the state Duma the bills will not be introduced”.

“It’s not true,” – said the Deputy. Sevastianova said that the rules Committee has initiated an amendment, which, on the contrary, details reglementary the procedure of review of bills of their authors, and also introduce the concept of fractions notification about insertion initiatives by MPs that are their members.

“Amendments to the regulations regulate in detail the procedure for the review as this issue has not yet been regulated. The rights of the subject have not changed. The tip of the bill possible at various stages of its consideration, according to the authors. Proposes that if an application is sent to the moment the painting of the head of the initiative to the relevant Committee, it automatically is not considered submitted if it occurs at the stage of the Committee proceedings, the Committee makes that decision, if the decision on acceptance to consideration adopted by the Council of the Duma, the decision to review is the Council of the Duma,” – said the head of the Committee.

In addition, according to Sevastianova, the Committee introduced the proposal to the notice of the factions of the deputies, members of their staff, introducing legislative initiatives. “There is no fact to allow or not allow. Each faction will determine the notification procedure. This is not a filter. The prohibition to make no restrictions on the introduction there,” she added.

The head of the Committee also said that the relevant amendments to the regulations of the state Duma may consider on Friday, may 19.

Notice, not a permit

First Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev, who oversees legislative activity, also confirmed TASS that we are not talking about restricting the right of legislative initiative, but only notification of the faction, which includes the developer a bill. He recalled that one of the deputies, members of the faction, elected by party lists, others have mandates with the support of relevant political parties.

“Sometimes deputies have legislative initiative arise, which factions don’t even know what causes some difficulties and misunderstanding,” stated the politician. Given this, the amendment to the regulation “implies only one thing: the Deputy before to make our legislative initiative, must notify the faction to which he belongs”, – said United Russia. “Not to get her permission, and a visa, namely to inform about introduction of his legislative initiatives,” stressed he, adding that the procedure of such notice, each faction will define themselves.

“And in the statement to the Chairman, which as standard is supplied, the Deputy will report that “the Communist faction, relatively speaking, about this legislative initiative notified,” he added Isaev. “But no one in any way encroach on the constitutional right of the Deputy of legislative initiative. Faction can support this initiative or not support, but he (the MP) has the right to make”, he concluded.