Zakharova: the intention of the authorities of Washington to prescribe a rooming house on the street Nemtsov cynical

MOSCOW, may 18. /TASS/. The intention of the authorities of Washington to prescribe a hostel for the homeless on the street offends the memory of Nemtsov, Russian politician. This opinion was expressed at the briefing Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“This story is about what has the US political establishment at the moment, she said. – I will not say that it is wrong. The story is much deeper and much more cynical, worse than you might imagine.”

According to her, it is about the vacant space near the Russian Embassy, where some time ago the municipal authorities decided to build a hostel for the homeless, and that this place was decided to confer the name of one of the most outstanding Russian politicians of the 90-ies, who was a member of the government and represented the country.

“Why did you do that to that man’s name? – continued Zakharova. Either it’s a folly of the political forces in the United States that take such decisions, or it’s a hell of cynicism. Who wanted to do worse? If the memory of Boris Nemtsov, it should be already generally inhumans.”

“After the decisions taken (by the city authorities of Washington – approx. TASS) issues are becoming more, – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry. – Apparently, they feel that they want to do somehow hurt Russia, but showed such catastrophic stupidity and ignorance not ours, and their own realities that any longer.”