Curator of the national payment system earned the most in the Bank

The Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova, who oversees the creation of the National payment system, the deposed leader two years in a row among the employees of the Bank income of the first Deputy Chairman Sergey Shvetsov. In this case the declared income was almost 3 times more than the Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina

On Friday evening, may 19, the Central Bank published a report about the declared income of its senior employees for the year 2016. Most of all among the employees of the Bank of Russia earned the Chairman Olga Skorobogatova. Her annual income as the curator of the national payment system, as well as the Department of information technology in 2016, up 40% compared to 2015, and amounted to 74,25 mln. as a result, she was dismissed from leadership positions according to this indicator, first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov, who oversees all non-Bank financial market participants. Shvetsov earned more of all employees of the Central Bank in the previous two years.

Income Sergey Shvetsov has increased almost twice and has made 30,57 million RUB his property in Russia and in the United States and Spain remained unchanged. According to the documents of the regulator, by the end of 2016 he, as before, owns a house with an area of 511 sqm in the U.S. and in Spain (he owns through a trust). Two more apartments for rent (and shared ownership) remain in Russia, not counting the land area of 1441 sq. m in Russia.

As earlier wrote “Kommersant”, according to the new legislative restrictions for high-ranking officials of the Central Bank to keep the post in the Board of Directors, they do not later than June need to resolve the issue with the income from real estate abroad, ownership of which is carried out through trusts. Evidence that, if it was done by Sergei Shevtsov in 2017 do not exist. In a press-service of the Central Bank has not responded to a request to RBC about the exit if it is currently out of participation in the trusts.

The second place in revenues for the year 2016 after Olga Skorobogatova, according to Central Bank data, was taken by the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Chistyukhin, directly supervising the NPF, UK and the activities of insurance companies. He earned less than half Skorobogatova — to 33.78 million rubles the growth of its revenues over the past year was 6%.

The third declared incomes among high-ranking officials of the Bank of Russia became Alexey Simanovsky, informed the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank and now Advisor to the Chairman. He last year earned 20% more than in 2015, — RUB 32.9 million Increase in income occurred, despite the change in its position in the large-scale personnel shake-up Supervisory direction. In October 2016, their posts have lost just two of the curator of this direction — Simanovsky and Mikhail Sukhov.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, curator of economic modelling and forecasting Ksenia Yudaeva was the fourth in the income of the employee of the Central Bank. She earned 31.9 million rubles, which is more than the other two first Deputy chairmen, — George Luntovsky (28,4 mln.) and Dmitry tulina (26.6 million USD), responsible for cash handling and banking supervision respectively.

The Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, who discovered his Declaration back in April, when it earned less Luntovsky, but most Tulin – 26.9 million rubles.

The Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Skobelkin, leading the fight against illegal cashing, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, earned in 2016, 24 million rubles, the income of the adviser to the Chairman of Nadezhda Ivanova made 23,45 million rubles.

Next in the ranking are the direct supervisors of banking supervision Vasily Pozdyshev and Olga Polyakova (work in submission Tulin) who increased their income by 17 and 56%, to 20.73 million and RUB 20 million, respectively.

At the end of the top 14 leaders of the Central Bank. revenue — head of the North-Western main branch of the Bank of Russia Nadezhda Savinskaya, with revenue of 18.99 million RUB and former Chairman of Bank of Russia in 2002-2013 years Sergei Ignatyev, who is now an adviser Elvira Nabiullina (of 16.51 million RUB).