For the purchase of “daughter” VEB targeting one of the richest people of Ukraine

Controlled by Alexander Yaroslavsky DCH group VEB made an offer to purchase Prominvestbank and intends soon to apply to the national Bank of Ukraine

One of the richest people of Ukraine Oleksandr Yaroslavsky (according to the Ukrainian edition of Forbes, the top 100 he takes 8th place with $721 million) announced the intention to purchase Prominvestbank, a subsidiary of Russian Vnesheconombank.

In a message controlled by Yaroslavsky DCH group says that the proposed acquisition of Prominvestbank has already been considered by the Supervisory Board of the Bank, and soon DCH is planning to start required for transaction approval procedures by submitting a request to the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

In the message of the DCH is emphasized that the Yaroslavl known as the founder of UkrSibbank, gradually sold in 2006-2010, the French BNP Paribas, has long been planning to return to the banking business.

“Negotiating with Sberbank on the purchase of its Ukrainian subsidiary, signed an agreement of intent, conducted due diligence. However, the seller ultimately refused the deal,” explained Yaroslavskiy, whose words are press service of the DCH. It also notes that after the failure of negotiations with Sberbank, Yaroslavl started to consider other possibilities and stopped at Prominvestbank.

12 may it became known that the NBU began its consideration of bids to purchase Prominvestbank filed by two citizens of Ukraine. The identity of potential buyers in NBU then refused to name, but earlier edition with reference to data of the national Antimonopoly Committee wrote that the owner of the Bank can be a Ukrainian people’s Deputy Maxim Mikitas and founder of developer company MosCityGroup Pavel Fuks.

Friday, 19 may, “Kommersant” citing its sources confirmed that Yaroslavl became the third contender for the purchase of Prominvestbank and will compete Fuchs and Ministery.

While interviewed by “Kommersant”, the experts believe that in Yaroslavl will be the best chance to get resolution of the NBU, as it is more “transparent” for the Ukrainian authorities.

“The DCH proposal has the best chance to obtain permission from the relevant authorities in Ukraine. The participation of Russian capital in the Ukrainian banking system is a politically very sensitive issue, and DCH alternative proposal includes a significant share of Russian capital,” — said managing partner, FinPoint, Advisor to DCH Sergei Budkin.

In mid-March, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has imposed sanctions against five Ukrainian banks with Russian capital. For Sberbank, VTB, BM-Bank, Prominvestbank and VS Bank. Among the introduced measures, a ban on the withdrawal of funds outside the country and any transactions in favor of the parent banks.

Later, the Chairman of the NBU Kateryna Rozhkova said that prospects of development in Ukraine, Russian banks are not and they should leave the market.

“But, on the other hand, as a regulator we believe that the exit from the market should be civilized. No bricks to lay is not necessary. Let the banks will be able to withdraw from the market quietly and without panic,” — said Rozhkov.

At the end of March, the press service of Sberbank informed about the agreement for the sale of 100% shares of Ukrainian PJSC “Sberbank” consortium, which included the Latvian Norvik Bank (shareholder Grigory Guselnikov) and Belarusian private company owned by the son of the principal owner of the company Rosneft and the group Safmar said Gutseriev.