MTS will enter the market of cyber security

Moscow. May 19. INTERFAX.RU PJSC Mobile TeleSystems develops new business, planning to enter the market of information security to protect against cyber attacks, reported “Interfax” the representative of the company Dmitry Solodovnikov.

The product to customers is expected to be launched before the end of 2017 on the basis of own resources and a subsidiary IT-company “envizhn Group”.

“We launched the center for information security monitoring (Security Operations Center, SOC) running 24/7. The center was created on the basis of the resources of the information security Department of MTS,” – said the representative of the company.

According to him, now the center caters to the needs of the MTS and of the company’s subscribers in 2016, was found about 4.5 million cases of infection of the client devices and prevented about 200 million subscriber click-through for malware.

“From our experience, we plan to develop generic products for future customers – the type of information threats, and solutions for vertical industries or business scale,” – said the representative of the company.

MTS has already started testing the service with several companies, their names and other details were not disclosed.

The volume of investments in the launch of a new product in the MTS are not reported. However, according to the representative, much of the capital cost of MTS is spent on it systems, including the system providing information security (for the last five years, this amount exceeds 400 billion rubles).

Solodovnikov said that the company managed to successfully repel a hacker attack virus WannaCry, which has blocked at least 200 thousand computers in 150 countries. In Russia, in particular, the virus attacked Sberbank, MegaFon and the Russian interior Ministry.

In MTS do not say what part of the information security market, the company expects to occupy.

Entering new markets is largely due to the search of growth drivers for the traditional and stagnant telecommunications market. By the end of 2016 MTS ‘ revenues from mobile services in Russia decreased by 0.4% to 295 billion rubles.