The government did not support the bill to ban vaping in parks

The bill of the Deputy of Boris Chernyshev, proposing to ban Smoking wapow in the cruising areas have not received the approval of the government. However, this is not the only initiative concerning the regulation of alternative ways of Smoking

The government of Russia made a negative conclusion on the bill of the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Boris Chernyshov, proposing to ban Smoking wapow recreational areas: parks, pedestrian zones, squares. “The Russian government does not support the bill”, — stated in the official opinion (have RBC).

The focus of the document on the creation of additional mechanisms for the protection of citizens ‘ health “deserves attention”, but the proposals contained therein were insufficiently developed, and also require changes to the Code of administrative offences (Cao), it follows from the opinion.

In particular, the bill proposes to Supplement the list of territories and where prohibited tobacco Smoking, walking areas. “However, the proposed definition of recreational areas, it is impossible to conclude that the boundaries of said territory that may cause difficulties in practice in terms of bringing to administrative responsibility”, — stated in the document. This Supplement is also not consistent with the thrust of the bill on the protection of citizens from exposure to smoke electronic vaporizers, and tobacco products.

In addition, the bill proposed a ban on the sale of wapow minors and involving children in the process of consumption of such products requires changes in the code, say in the government.

As previously wrote RBC, the bill Chernyshev about modification in FZ “About health protection of citizens from impact of ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption” was placed in the database of the state Duma December 1, 2016. The purpose of the document stated “the regulation of sale and use of electronic devices that simulate Smoking (the so-called wapi)”. In particular, the MP proposed to limit the use of wapow in the cruising areas and to ban the sale of them to minors.
Bill pointed to the need for the development of technical regulations for this type of cigarettes.

This is not the only bill concerning the regulation of alternative ways of Smoking. As reported by RBC, in April of 2017 senators Larisa Turina, Valery Ryazansky and Eduard Isakov was submitted to the state Duma the bill which offers to limit the use of wapow and hookahs “in certain territories, in rooms and on objects.” The authors advocate the restriction of advertising of electronic Smoking products and hookahs and a ban on the sale of these products to minors.

In Russia already there are some restrictions on the use of wapow. So, Russian Railways banned the use of “electronic cigarettes and other electronic delivery systems nicotine” in the long-distance trains. In the company-monopolist believe that using e-cigarettes interfere with the other passengers, including children.

Despite the planned and existing limitations, the popularity of wapow growing. According to the Agency Kantar, the proportion of smokers of electronic devices in Russia in 2014 increased by almost two times: at the end of 2016 daily electronic Smoking devices are 1.4% of the Russians, in 2015 this proportion was 1.1% in 2014 — 0,8%. For comparison, in the US, these smokers 5,2%, Italy — 4,7%, in the UK of 4.1%.