Transit discount: how to save on flights using direct access

According to research by Skyscanner, direct flights are more expensive transit to an average of 92%. What are the advantages of indirect flights and how to save on flights?

Experts in tourism service Skyscanner has selected 30 of the most popular among users in routing and compared the average cost of a flight with a connection and without it. To do this, they analyzed the prices for all flights on these routes available in the summer of 2017. It turned out that flying with a stopover is cheaper on average by 32% (excluding the few areas where you fly with a transfer more expensive).

In the ranking of the aggregator, the big difference in price showed the flights to Tbilisi, Rome and Lisbon. In these cities the flight there and back without a transplant would cost more than the direct flight 92, 62 and 54%, respectively (see table). So, the direct flight Moscow — Tbilisi will cost 14 460 RUB., change — 7519 RUB Direct flight from Moscow to Rome will cost 20 895 rubles., and connecting at 12 869 RUB Traveling from Moscow to Lisbon, the Russians will pay for direct flights 21 762 rubles., and for a transfer flight — 14 099 RUB.

However, some areas showed a marked selling price difference. For example, flights to Munich, Burgas and Brussels, direct cost, on average, 17 and 14 and 12% cheaper than direct flights. According to the development Manager for Skyscanner in Russia Dmitry Hasanskogo, direct flights were cheaper due to the fact that these routes are short and are very popular with tourists.