Chizhov: the results of the G7 summit showed the irrelevance of the return format of “eight”

MOSCOW, may 29. /TASS/. The results which ended on Saturday in Taormina G7 summit showed the correctness of the approach of Moscow to the fact that the return format of “eight” is now irrelevant. This was stated to journalists Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

“The results of featureless from the point of view of substance, but, on the other hand, quite remarkable from the point of view that implicitly tressie transatlantic contradictions came out, the diplomat said, answering the question TASS. Is well known for performances and content of the outcome and once again confirms the correctness of the position of the Russian leadership that seek to return it to “wasmerely” format is not very promising and do not want to hurt”.

Chizhov added that the statements in the final Declaration of the summit on sanctions against Russia is nothing new. “I think (in the text of the final Declaration), no new words appeared as a single word and not blotted out, – said the Russian permanent representative, answering the question TASS. – So that’s nothing new”.

Chizhov suggested to compare the results of the meeting with the results of the summit “twenty”, which will be held in Hamburg in early July. “It (the twenty) with all you can reason called great,” he said.

The summit “the seven” was held on 26-27 may in Italy.