The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation did not see risks for the export of grain due to the limitations of Egypt

Moscow. June 8. INTERFAX.RU – the agriculture Ministry sees no risks for Russian grain export due to the introduction of Egypt demands zero tolerance of ergot in imported wheat.

“I think we talked a lot in Turkey and have experienced, you know the end. Everything is stable and smooth. The same thing will happen with Egypt, this historical partner, and one is not going anywhere. Everything else in our understanding – marketing moves”, – told reporters the first Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture Dzhambulat Hatuov.

“The Ministry of agriculture holds strong-willed calm,” he said. Egypt 13 June may require “zero ergot” in imported wheat. International standards allow the content of ergot in wheat at the level of 0.05%.

The controversy surrounding “zero ergot” was a few months in 2016, in the summer, after Egypt decided that the presence of this pest in imported grain must not exceed 0%. In the result of tender procurement of grain almost ceased, the providers refused to participate in tenders.

In September Egypt decided to abandon this requirement.

According to the results of the last agricultural year (July 2015 – June 2016), Egypt came in first place for purchases of Russian grain, importing it to 6.25 million tons versus 3.65 million tonnes in the previous agricultural year. Its share of purchases increased to 18.3% and 12.1%, respectively.